2N from Fairchild Semiconductor. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. 2N Datasheet PDF Download – NPN Transistoor, 2N data sheet. 2N datasheet, 2N pdf, 2N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Small Signal Transistor General Purpose.

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Hard backs with ex- tremely low noise and dynamic imped- ance. The semiconductor chip is bonded to a molybdenum sub- strate; junctions and surfaces are datassheet by a passivated surface of silicon oxide. MO j 2N Tl pnp.

2n914 datasheet pdf

Frank Malley, Dick son Electronics, P. Germanium Point Contact Diodes The first industry standard subminiature glass general purpose and computer diode. Other fre- quencies available upon request. Within each category, types are arranged in order of increasing value of a key design parameter. Minute gain is 10 at 25 amps col- datassheet current.

The derating factor can then be used to estimate P c for other operating tem- peratures. Collector breakdown volt- ages are specified at 75 v min ; col- lector-to-emitter ratings exceed 35 v. Base Current, 17 steps from 0. Repre- sentative Types are E. McDowell Road Phoenix 8, Ariz. The collector-base junction, therefore, dqtasheet properly terminated un- derneath the oxide coating where it is protected against environmentally in- duced leakage currents. They combine all the recognized advantages of planar construction with the efficiency of Vis” hex 2n94 stud-mounted packaging, which solves a variety of annoying mounting prob- lems.


These special characteristics allow direct coupling of low-level, high- impedance sources. Standard Metal Package Rectifiers Available at ratings of 6, 12, 20 and 35 amps. Thus, f T is about h fe times greater than f ae for a given transistor. Old-timers know Merck is a basic manufacturer of polycrystalline silicon, with the largest research budget in the industry during the past half decade. Operating temp range is —65 to 4″ C.

Motorola 2N Datasheet.

At 25 C, the collector-to-emitter volt- age is 5 v and the collector cur- rents are ju,a and 1 ma. Write for data sheet and free demonstration. Power gain is datahseet db measured at Me ; collector-to emitter volt- age is 6 v, and collector current is 2 ma. LL7 2N A2, P9, 2N All 2N A Gibson Electronics Marketing Co Lakewood: M EIA-registered types come first, followed by 1 house-numbered types.

It has a major diameter of 0. Add a Type 1 75 Adapter and you extend the daatsheet of col- lector displays 1 0 times and the range of base supply 5 times.


2N Datasheet PDF – Motorola

Since the interconnections are always the same, other functions count- ing, decoding, accumulating, etc. AJ, ge pnp,AJ,si pnp. For years, the industry had been working to design high voltage dagasheet PNP transistors with the low leakage currents normally associated with NPN types, surface passivated by the planar process.

The Annular manufactur- ing process provides a new degree of freedom from surface effects for semiconductor products. Forward currents to 0.

The formation of channels has been traced to effects of ionized or polarized particles on or within the passivating oxide datasheeh which create an electrical environment that tends to alter the ap- parent polarity of the material directly beneath the oxide— an effect which is particidarly pronounced in lightly doped P-type material. Condensed catalog and data sheets PH Philco Corp. Newcomers to the industry ask why.