BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel is Ethiopian religious writer and leader of Ethiopian Muslim. Tag Archives: Ahmedin Jebel. Ethiopia: Euphoria and mixed feelings as prisoners of conscience walk free. by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (February 14, ) A. Over political prisoners released including Ahmedin Jebel,Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega, and Kinfemichael Abebe.

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Tear gases were fired inside the mosque and the federal police officers disrespectfully entered some mosques forcefully. Although one cannot say with confidence that the author has succeeded in building a common discursive terrain on which both Christians and Muslims would be equally comfortable, he has no doubt started laying strong foundations.

To witness such a magnificent example of non-violent and peaceful struggle in a country with no record of such practice and, most of all, from the least literate segment of the society was unprecedented.

I might have been joking but it was exactly what happened to me. Without any hesitation, I decided to attend and personally experience for the first time what I had been watching on social media for couple of months. High profile terrorism charge against senior OFC officials, others keeps dragging as court once again adjourned key verdict. The book is a pioneering work of Ethiopian literature for two reasons.

BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed

As Friday was approaching, ahmedkn kept escalating. All what we hear was the government planning a full-scale crackdown. Legitimacy at home is legitimacy abroad.

The capital city then erupted with Azan call for ahmeddin and a huge mass from all corner of the city started marching towards Awolia.

The Grand mosque and its surrounding were literally over flooded with tens of thousands of peace-loving oppressed Muslim Ethiopians. He sees such communality as his personal ethical obligation ordained by the Quran in addition to being a necessary step which, if not taken, may lead to the disintegration of Ethiopian civil society and state. Moses also embodies the characteristics of what a great liberation leader should shmedin like — he was patient and persistent, he was polite and honest, and while he was brave in the face of threats he was also a humble man who understood his weaknesses.


Ahmedin Jebel severely beaten and tortured | ethiopiantimes

Nobody knows where the instruction was coming, but anmedin was a smooth and astonishing show of unity in devotion and action. At the end of my first week, there was a crackdown on Awolia mosque at one misfortunes night. In retaliation, the angry Addis Abeba Muslims occupied the Grand Anwar mosque for the following two days.

He alludes to the length of time Pharaoh has been in power, how he changed with the times, and how he used developmentalist discourse to justify power in ways that are reminiscent of Ethiopia. It is one jfbel the first original book-sized works of Islamic literature authored in Amharic.

Book Review: ‘Pharaoh: The Symbol of Dictators’: By Ahmedin Jebel – Addis Standard

As the Pharaoh-Moses story shows, it is better to keep state power away from religion as it is in the nature of the powerful to hijack religion and use it to achieve their own jebe, ends.

The author describes in great detail how Pharaohs use intricate means of co-option, propaganda and coercion to stay in power and, and in an interesting move, lays most of the responsibility for the existence of pharaonic dictatorships at ahmdin feet of their subjects.

Thomas University School of Law. One of the interesting facets of how he does this is that, while being ahmedjn critical of what he describes as pharaonic political systems, the author is also ever cognizant of the fact that the book itself is being written in a pharaonic state. Ethiopians, both Christians and Muslims, should consider this book as a call for action and take steps to collaborate with him, and amongst each other, in order to complete building this common ground or common grounds by picking up where he left off.

Jumping in and out ahmsdin scripture the author draws a picture, which at points looks like a blueprint, of how dictatorship is to be resisted, how dictators will react to such resistance, ahmrdin what needs to be done to ensure success for the eventual realization of freedom, justice, and rights. Reports of the brutal crackdown started to circulate on Facebook and distress call for help were arriving via SMS.


The microphones that were once used as an ugly propaganda machine for the government fell on the hands of the oppressed. On my way to the taxi station, I met my elder sister and told her where I was going.

I was certainly kidding and she was also smiling. They preached peace, justice and the birthright to live like a human being. Members of the arbitration committee and prominent personalities of the community emotionally addressed the gathering. In this process, and to his surprise, he found the story of Pharaoh and Moses to be freshly insightful and relevant to his condition. The following week was full of terror. The peaceful, civilized and persistent in-mosque sit-in protest of Ethiopian Muslims that started in late attracted the hearts and minds of almost everyone.

It was my first day aymedin participate in the weekly Friday protest and it was by a mare chance a silent protest. Given the level of jebrl, I predicted that the protest would not be a silent one.

The scar of the post-release trauma that snatched my sleep at night and triggered irresistible weeping still resonates with me. Perhaps, watching the silence they managed to break and the dissent they lead against the brutal regime snowballed to create the ongoing change in the country could partially mend their wound.

Those days were filled with emotional moments. Ahmedib is a real story I myself witnessed. The author uses the Old Testament, which is also recognized as a religious text in Islam, in a bid to build a communal spiritual terrain on which Muslims and Christians can have a joint ethical conversation.

It ahmedun a real story of the oppressed being oppressed in broad daylight. Everyone from all walks of life was present; all camped in the mosque and spent the next two days weeping and praying. Reviewed by Abadir M. The crackdown left many with serious injuries and countless others received abuses of all forms.

I sincerely hope wee will be able to close this bitter chapter and move on.