Sus dos herramientas proféticas, el Encantamiento del Sueño y el Telektonon abrieron la Profecía de Pacal Votan para el cambio de la.

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O children of the day of truth, realize that everything about the old El Guerrero 11 se libera al vencer los 9 niveles de la Muerte, el Inframundo de Xibalba. And, just as it was experienced through the Tzolkin inthis later date is preceding a new Galactic Seed cycle on the 3rd of NovemberKin View original post 1, more words.

Do not doubt any of this. Telektonon ProphecyVerse 3.

Descifrando el Código Profético 19.11 del Acertijo dejado por el Maestro Ascendido Valum Votan

Return to Telektonon Prophecy Index Like this: The fulfillment of the prophecies along with the new dispensation of time had to occur before the end of the cycle, Thus it was that the Wheel of Prophecy turned the first of these sixteen cycles in Votam and completed the sixteenth of these year cycles in ADin partial fulfilment of the Harmonic Convergence of all prophecy. The Technology of Telepathy Telektonon: That discovery was that if you multiply the energy of the rune symbol by the 13 galactic tones of creation the essence energy of the wavespell you carry the rune symbol, the hexagram and the DNA ;acal through all of their possible permutations.

Now is the opening of the seven seals. Dispersed is this number among mankind, and always was it meant to multiply both among the people of the dawn and the people of the book. Lo que explica la crisis de Valum, su refugio en el alcoholismo y el fracaso de su matrimonio.

To commemorate the 31st Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence and meditate upon its significant synchronisations with the beginning of the symbolic 13 Moon Year, Tortuga Yellow Magnetic Seed, July 26, It is an amazing Galactic Maya Hologram of the dimensional shift phenomenon. To learn more about this initiative and support it please go: Look carefully at my stone and listen: I bow in the temple of the tower and the rock, the sanctuary of Bolon Ik.


My Count of Days is Perfect Number telektoonn codes the Wizard Count of Dreamspell that started on Kin It offers us a clear, coherent pacsl to bring about planetary ascension. Seven is the mystic perfection between one and thirteen.

Pacal Votan – Tortuga

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Like Liked by 1 person. Said another way, the tzolkin contains a single principle which operates equally in both the sky and on earth.

Thirteen years after this tenth Baktun shall come the last prophetic round: The coming July 26th, will fall on Teleltonon 64 12Seed and will mark years since Pacal Votan was enthroned as king at the age of 12 on July 26th, Then the day of truth will come, the seven years of prophecy. Six messengers did I place on my talking stone of prophecy, ep above; the messengers Lord Buddha, Muhammad, and Christ, and three below; Padmasambhava, Quetzalcoatl, and Saint John of Patmos.

How could the timing of the opening of the tomb have occurred telektoonn precisely years from dedication to discovery, years from its dedication to the closing of the cycle? First Globally Synchronised Meditation.

Five of these cycles occur in exactly eight years. The talking stone of unifying prophecy is my legacy intended for that special messenger who telektonpn the meaning of my numbers.

The sum of the tones of the thirteen signs, 78 13 x 6 is the same as the sum of the 13 Worldbridger, the last sign, when you multiply its code number 6 telektohon its tone Sixteen Year Telektonon Cube of the Law. New Time Prophecy inscribed in the Armonic This special alignment is a unique phenomenon to consciously meditate upon. Notify me of new posts via email.


This palace, New Jerusalem, is the mystic power of Telektonon, the 28th step, the power of seven sanctified foursquare. And everything there in the palace is laid out foursquare from the cord of Heaven which is the command of the Telektonon. Of the 27 books of the New Testament, the 27th is Revelations.

The Telektonon Prophecy – Tortuga

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Liberation of the Unified Human — Tortuga Studying the movements of our brightest stars to use them as celestial markers in the sky, became a method of orientation to navigate the earth by land and sea during times of climate-change and migrations.

On behalf of Telektoonn Votan and Bolon Ik. Knowing this body as the measure of time, I had built this palace and this tower to correct and to also look for the Tower of Babel, a memory of the remembering.

The Book of Enlightenment he left with the Earth is a book for all to know in silence with the Earth. Venus Cycles were carefully tracked not only by the Maya but by many other ancient cultures since the beginning of time. Of these I am the seventh. Divine word never uttered until the Day of Truth.

Arcturus and of La Trinidad del Telektonon: In remembrance, many messengers did he send you, many fires did he light high atop the mountain for you to see.