Gottfried de Purucker () was a longtime resident of theTheosophical Society based in Point Loma and was Leader of that. GOTTFRIED DE PURUCKER was born in at Suffern, New York, son of a prominent Anglican minister who for some years served as chaplain of the. Articles about Gottfried de Purucker, leader of the Theosophical Society , a his clear exposition of theosophy.

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Her other writings, and those of Mr. Such remarks as these tend to become slightly nauseating after a time but, feeling or claiming himself to be inwardly an Eastern disciple of the Mahatmas themselves and specially chosen for a mission of greater potential than HPB ever had!

Karlin, Muzejski trg 8, Celje. You can drink at these Pierian Springs still, if such is your wish.

Suffice it to say that he simply walks over H. The problem is that the vast majority of Point Loma and Pasadena Theosophists place much more emphasis on G. Questions We All Ask.

A model attribution edit summary using German: It is all-pervading, animating the highest god as well as the smallest mineral atom.

Not merely indescribable, but requiring an awareness far beyond what we normally use.

Ten of these, although there are quite a lot more, are the following: His legacy includes several publications, including elucidations of purucked writings of Helena Blavatsky.

Shortly afterwards, when he took over the administration of the Society, he began publishing The Theosophical Forum, whose first issue was published in September th.


Purucker Says The Absolute Was Once a Man

Blavatsky and The Mahatma Letters to A. Thus do men become gods, and gods become worlds, and worlds become suns, and suns become universes, and universes in their infinitude make up the Absolute, who was once — a man. Brahmaa with a macron is the deity.

Purucker, too, objected to it. From that time forward, Purucker taught classes, gave lectures and wrote several works on Theosophy. Surely then we must admit, if we are willing to preserve an open mind.

Few take note that if H. Each claims to be able to trace his successorship df to H. The Four Sacred Seasons.

Purucker Says The Absolute Was Once a Man – T H E O S O P H Y

Brahma is identical to Brahman, the impersonal principle. His legacy includes several publications, including elucidations of the writings of Helena Blavatsky. And the individual soul will one day re-become THAT in consciousness and can merge itself back into the one unchanging Divine. It is quite well known in Theosophical circles that de Purucker placed emphasis on the need for union and unity purucier Theosophists and the various different Theosophical organisations and associations.

Besant, what he has to say does not lead the student and inquirer from himself to H.

.: Links to Theosophical Texts Online :.

Otherwise, what is the occasion for either? Yes, my reading was careless, KT was meant. Yes, indeed, Parabrahm purucer once a man — for It, is the summit of its hierarchy; but beyond and beyond and beyond the highest that we can conceive of there are still greater Ones — endless hierarchies of created beings up towards the Unutterable — one universal law of growth, harmony, analogy and evolution.


It was severely criticized and I think rightly, for presenting gottfriev as part of the Se Philosophy apparently in dr with what The Secret Doctrine teaches. Now, approaching 70 years, I understand the actually ineffable nature of the One principle. Dr de Purucker fails most signally to distinguish between the real tradition and his own personal opinions. There is no way to separate what the Sages, the Mystery schools, the ancient scriptures, have stated, and what is his personal gottfired, thought out by himself, or perhaps, in his opinion, derived from some supernatural source of inspiration.

When HPB uses any Hindu terms in a different sense from how they are generally used and understood in Hindu philosophy, she usually says so and explains it.

Again, these are just simple thoughts. He demonstrates with ease that there must be as many grades of Parabrahmans and Absolutes being only actualities in a Universe made up of nothing but relativities as there are different entities.

Of this period, Purucker said: Judge on several occasions and had been a close and trusted associate of Tingley for a long time. Blavatsky and eight to The Mahatma Letters.