The Iomega® StorCenter™ ixd NAS Server offers content sharing with advanced Quick Start Guide, Solutions CD with system software and user manual. Iomega StorCenter ixd User Manual Guide – Lost your Iomega StorCenter ixd network storage manual? no matter, download a brand new one here. Default Password, Login and IP for your Iomega StorCenter IXd router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Iomega StorCenter IXd router .

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A Copy Job is added to the top of the list and the Information section displays. Adding Iscsi Drives Troubleshooting And Getting Help When the external storage has been removed from the External Sttorcenter table, it is safe to remove and you may unplug it from the Iomega StorCenter ixd.

Manuql Overview Security Overview Security is a feature you can enable on your Iomega StorCenter ixd to secure Shares, create users, and allow some features to be enabled.

To delete an existing user, click the username to expand the user. Sender Email Address — enter an email address for the Iomega StorCenter ixd to use as the From address when it creates messages. It also displays the overall state of your Iomega StorCenter ixd.

You can create a Personal Cloud on your Iomega StorCenter ixd, and add members to that Personal Cloud, or you can use a subscription service as a backup for your content. Administrator users can log in. Your Iomega StorCenter ixd attempts to automatically configure your router. Adding Iomega Personal Cloud Members Copy Jobs Copy Jobs is a feature that copies files from one storage device to another, either by a set schedule or immediately by the user.


Configuring Rsync Server Settings With Torrent Download, you can download files using the torrent protocol to your device and then those files can be uploaded by other torrent users.

Don’t have an account? Groups Overview Groups Overview Groups consist of one or more users, and administrators can grant each group rights to Shares on the Iomega StorCenter ixd.

Any media content contained in these specific folders will be scanned by the Iomega StorCenter ixd media server and be accessible to any iomeha on your network with a media player.

Manually Adding A Video Camera If you have enabled Active Directory on your Iomega StorCenter ixd, only this option is available for mapping client computers.

Iomega StorCenter ixd Manuals

Media Server The Iomega StorCenter ixd has a built-in media server that, when turned on, can scan for media content storcente specific folders that have media sharing enabled. How To Log In You can configure a Share as a Facebook Active Folder so that photos added to that Share are automatically uploaded to your Facebook account. Backing Up Device Configuration It can back up and restore all files storcwnter Mac computers.

Enabling The Amazon S3 Feature The table displays the Usernames and Descriptive Name of each user. Using cloud storage is easily scalable, and does not require installing extra software.

Users Overview Non-administrator users can be added to limit access to Share content. Add Or Modify A Group Table of contents Table Of Contents Stock firmwares for the StorCenter IXd are available under the download section on the modem’s support page.

On this page, you can configure some basic device features by iomeega the appropriate link.

On the Users and Groups page, administrator users can import users and groups from an Active Directory server and grant them access rights to Shares on the Iomsga StorCenter ixd.

Refer to your router’s documentation to learn how to set these values. Click Done to save your time selection. For more information on Copy Jobs, refer to Copy Jobs. Flashing a custom ROM can greatly increase the stability and functionality of your old router. kx4-200d


Within each video camera name folder are other folders that organize your video camera’s recordings by date. An example of a Copy Job scenario is if you keep pictures from your digital camera on a separate USB drive, but you also want to maintain a backup of these pictures on your Iomega StorCenter ixd.

Do not place the Iomega StorCenter ixd on an unstable surface. If you enable the Iomega StorCenter ixd as an rsync server, you can optionally set up a user account on the Iomega StorCenter ixd for iommega rsync Copy Jobs. To delete an existing Share, click to expand the Share.

Iomega Ix4-200d – StorCenter NAS Server User Manual

The following list identifies the Shares page icons: If your StorCenter IXd router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset of the router to see if the problems persist. Scroll through the display screen to view the device name, free disk space, IP address, and date and time. You create a bucket at account setup, or you can enter a new bucket for your Iomega StorCenter ixd.

Your sole and exclusive remedy for a covered defect is repair or replacement of the defective product, at Iomega’s sole option and expense shipping may be chargedand Iomega may use iomrga or refurbished parts or products to do so. In the User Information section, click Delete to delete the user.

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