From New York Times bestselling author Kathleen E. Woodiwiss comes one of her most beloved romances The WolfNoble Aislinn grieves as the Iron Wolf and . By Kathleen Woodiwiss, ( reissue), Medieval Romance The Wolf & the Dove challenges the very boundaries of love and war and. The Wolf and the Dove Summary & Study Guide. Kathleen Woodiwiss. This Study Guide consists of approximately 54 pages of chapter summaries, quotes.

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Chaptrs 16 through For me, it was my junior and senior wolr in high school and my freshmen year of college. He laughs at her.

Woodiwiss and its still my most loved one. His fairness is soon evident to Aislinn and to others, and when Ragnor forces the issue, saying that Aislinn is his by right of conquest, she is allowed to choose.

The conversation was so forced, it was like watching an old play, with, I shit you not a proper damsel in distress. It peaked when view spoiler [a pregnant Aislinn flees Wulfie because she’s afraid he’ll take the baby and send it away once it’s born, but then when he catches up to her, she gets all giggly and snuggly and practically dives under the blankie. The success of The Flame and the Flower prompted a new wiodiwiss of writing romance, wwoodiwiss primarily on historical fiction tracking the monogamous relationship between a helpless heroines and the hero who rescued her, even if he had been the one to place her in danger.


Add in stoicism and znd abuse and you have limited characters abilities to interact in a healthy manner. She tries to help her former betrothed, her mother, and the people of Darkenwald in the awkward new position of “serf” to Wulfgar.

Lynn Errick reviews The Wolf and the Dove by Kathleen Woodiwiss — All About Romance

I’ve read this book so many times, I can’t even recall the number. Knowing that I was a serious books worm, my mother passed them to me. I guess my main grievance with the story is the version of miscommunication, here.

I lost it at some time, and I looked for it for years until HS, when I found it in a bag way in the back of my closet in worse shape than I got it if that’s imagineable. I hate reading stories about rape-HATE!

Tanpa pernah merasakan wilf sayang ibunya, Wulfgar tumbuh menjadi pria yang bersumpah tidak pernah mempercayai apalagi mencintai wanita manapun namun tidak menyadari dirinya sendiri sedikit demi sedikit malah jatuh dalam pesona Aishlin. Woodiwiss completely captures my attention within the first few pages and I enjoyed every minute of the tempestuous journey of Wulfgar and his Aislinn, captor and slave.

She has no kindness for anyone and eventually kathlene Ragnor with information about Wulfgar’s daily plans, so that Ragnor, accompanied by a band of thieves, raids Wulfgar’s lands woodiiss being captured.

We only knew that Aislinn was I was told on Very Good Authority to simply throw in the towel and bail because this book is a big buttload of Nothing Happening. This was one of the first real romance novels I have every readand I did it when I was in the 5th grade hope my mother does not see this. Maybe romance books are a female version of Bond. The poor girl couldn’t keep her clothes intact.


The female character is also strong emotionally, as is her mother. He is kind and fair, but his justice is swift and terrible.

The Wolf and the Dove Summary & Study Guide

March – Pick It For Me! Want to Read saving…. The novel sold over 2. While I was reading this book. Without the rather OK cast of supporting characters it’d be tue 1 for the sheer and utter boredom of Nothing.

Wolf and the Dove

Tje is to someday equal Ms. Aislinn was a bit of a wuss from a modern standpoint, but these were medieval times and the poor girl is getting her clothes ripped off half of the time so you feel for her, and I don’t think there is anything she could’ve done differently considering the time period.

This rhe contains words approx. View all 7 comments. Similar to Penelope Williamson’s ‘Keeper of the Dream?

I will still recommend this book to Historical Romance lovers.

Again, not a problem for me. Why is his heart so hard where women are concerned, yet his touch so gentle? Books by Kathleen E.

I was that angry. I don’t think so.