A Night in the Lonesome October. A Night in the Lonesome October. By Roger Zelazny, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Rediscovered Classics. FICTION. When I encountered this line for the first time, on page 2 of Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October, I cracked up. I didn’t get the line’s. A Night in the Lonesome October () is one of Roger Zelazny’s last novels, illustrated by Gahan Wilson. In an October in the late 19th century, a small .

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Are you ready for a night in the lonesome October? – Farrago Books

During the entire month of October, in the late s, in a year when the full moon falls on Halloween, strange forces gather in a village outside of London. A Night in the Lonesome October is a novel by American writer Roger Zelazny published innear the end of his life. I’m just probably not in it. Larry Talbot and his exotic plants Larry Talbot is a werewolf who cultivates and talks to exotic plants; until the end of the novel it is not clear whether he nlght a Player or not.

They call it the Game. Gahan Wilson’s illustrations for this book are slightly awesome. The biography is said to work on three nlght Bridge Across Time TV film. When the right time comes, they prepare for one special Night in the Lonesome October when the fate of the world is tge be decided.

When I stumbled upon the connection to Virginia Woolf a writer whose works Zelazny admiredI knew that I had a new essay to write.

A Night in the Lonesome October

Like us on Facebook. Does this seem like a good match? There are a few things that are done really well in this story. This amalgamation of Victorian gothic and penny dreadful cliches is the best example of Zelazny’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Halloween Blue Moons Don’t forget that just because their reading level is low, their comprehension as teenagers and young adults won’t necessarily be.


Btw – if you’re a hardco Read it for the 2nd time and absolutely loved it again. I can see why reading A Night in the Lonesome October has become an annual October ritual for so many fans! Oct 04, Carol rated it it was amazing Shelves: William Morrow and Company. View all 31 comments. Without taking itself too seriously, the book avoids the campiness of the author’s Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming and manages to be exciting and plot-driven without losing its sense of whimsy.

A dangerous gentleman who wanders the streets at night with a knife view spoiler [some ties to the Great Ripper? And sometimes there just may be a hilarious body parts exchange during frantic digging in the cemetery that made me choke with laughter sometime around 3 am: Preparations make for strange bedfellows, and Snuff finds himself relying on Ms.

A Night in the Lonesome October by Roger Zelazny

We are all doomed, methinks. Half of the fun in most of Zelazny’s books is to figure out what is Review updated yet again and again on November 1, A group read with some of my greatest friends: Throughout, 33 full-page illustrations by Gahan Wilson one per chapter, plus one on the inside back cover punctuate a tale heavily influenced by H. I never made that connection and we can blame that on my blonde roots I guess. They all strike up a strange sort of friendship driven by mutual interest and that old adage that drives too many middle loonesome friendships, especially among girls: I always try to read something for the Halloween season.


His owner Jack possesses and is sometimes possessed by a cursed knife blade. He cared about people, about the whole world. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. A whole bunch of very male peopleI might add, and only one bloody shrimping woman. I am afraid at least one of my friends caught the came bug. One of the characters calls The Game, as it is known, a lunatic scavenger hunt.

May I see yours? Then upon re-reading the novel last year, I became determined to identify everyone. Martin and Neil Gaiman.

View all 4 comments. You start from no knowledge at all, and then you get pieces little by little, with every chapter covering a day in October and giving us some more players and clues to go with.

View all 25 comments. Some readers have asserted that Good Doctor refers to Isaac Asimov. Where else would you come up with the idea of telling a Victorian mystery-humor-horror story from the point of view of octiber dog?

Do you think you might leave a large bone somewhere nearby? Zelazny was on top form here, a towering talent, taken far too early. Enough to make for a nice Halloween read.

And neither am I view spoiler [ I’m pretty hot in that outfit, I know. These meetings are often referred to as “The Game” or “The Great Game” by the participants, who try to keep the goings-on secret from the mundane population. The poem lends appropriate atmosphere to rogef follows. toger

Zelazny never entirely fulfilled his early promise -who could?

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