After Capitalism. A presentation of the main points of the book by David Schweickart Schweickart’s ‘Successor System Theory’. □ It should be concrete . After Capitalism by David Schweickart (Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, ) pages, $70 hardcover, $ paperback. ARE TODAY’S MOVEMENTS. Liberal, democratic capitalism as the end of history? Not necessarily. After Capitalism argues that there are forces developing in the world today that might.

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After capitalism is an accessible book for students and anybody affer is interested in politics and explains also the way we may follow to realize the new system. Get articles and upcoming events delivered every month.

But he does readers and his own case a disservice by presenting no defense against the argument that market socialism is an unstable concept: After Capitalism attempts to fill this lacuna by articulating, as a successor-system to capitalism, a model of “Economic Democracy, ” an economic system that preserves the efficiency strengths of a market economy, while extending democracy to the workplace and to the structures of investment finance.

In the course of the book, Schweickart addresses a good deal of these problems; but for some issues, he has only hints or open possibilities Extreme inequalities but not all inequality will be eliminated. Feb 06, Gregory Ardison-Gardner rated it it was amazing. Jun 04, Lyndon rated it really liked it Shelves: Schweickart proposes to do so, by grafting onto the market a new set of structural features workplace democracy and socialized investment and imposing them by means of a set of legal rules.


Liberal, democratic capitalism as the end of history? They are, however, required to allocate investment funds to geographic regions on an equal per capita basis.

David Schweickart

Return to Book Page. Economic Democracy What Aftfr Is. The nuts and bolts of economics are addressed in the opening chapters, while evidence-based arguments discrediting neoliberal capitlism appear in the second half. The others were written more with the classroom in mind.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Really great economics book, describes an apparently workable market-based system which is not “capitalism”, nor is it a “command economy”. We apparently are to assume that, in the light of recent experience, the understanding of capitalism as three separable components will suffice to analyze its problems and construct a successor system.

David Schweickart’s “After Capitalism”

Jan 29, Teilo London rated it it was amazing. The Basic Model 3. Getting from Here to There.

Because of this public ownership, the local workers are also required to meet the cost cxpitalism paying into two funds: This would be true even if a one-person-one-vote management policy is enshrined in a constitution. Does Schweickart address the ideas of the Austrian School in this book? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

If there are insufficient opportunities for productive and job-creating expansion of capacity, a portion of the social investment fund will be simply be returned to the firms who paid the capital tax, who will then distribute it to their workers to be spent on consumer goods. Sep 11, Carl rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The theory of Economic Democracy ought to be examined for its own sake. I thought of myself as being a socialist long before I met David, but my vision of socialism has been significantly clarified by the years of interaction with him and his work.


Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Preview — After Capitalism by David Schweickart.

I loved how concise and readable this book is too–in that sense it’s very much like the Communist Manifesto quoted. Each enterprise is taxed for the capital they employ, scheeickart that tax is distributed to public bankswho fund expansion of existing and new industry.

David Schweickart – Wikipedia

Solidarity depends on the generous contributions of its friends and allies to continue its work. In the first edition of After CapitalismSchweickart sought to present his case in a manner accessible to a general audience and to academic specialists.

An alliance of less successful firms may wage a political fight to lower the capital assets tax and allow them to retain larger profits, arguing that the inhibition of market investment ought not to be so restrictive.

Kostas capitalizm it really liked it Aug 07, At present, however, this movement lacks a coherent vision of a viable, desirable alternative.

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