/r/projectceleste – Age of Empires Online my complete Deathmatch grades, I thought that I might as well make a complete tech tree document. Age of Empires II currently offers 31 unique civilization to play as. an accurate representation of the in-game tech tree, because while we are. Made by hszemi, with huge thanks to Jineapple, TriRem, and pip. Descriptions taken from the Max-Extended-Help-WK mod. Item Metadata (cost, HP etc.).

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A fully upgraded Japanese Halberdier slay a fully upgraded Byzantine Paladin.

Age of Empires Civilization Bonuses

It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. They also suffer from the Archer bonus of Huskarls. Compared to, for example, the three races that players can choose from in StarCraft 2, that might seem overwhelming at first. They only excel at taking out buildings and villies.

Fixed in AoF – Keep Upgrade: Note that it only concerns the first arrow of the shot, and even without Heated Shot, all buildings which fire arrows get oof damage against “Ships”; Bombard Towers even get a 40 bonus vs “Ships”.

A question, long time back I had read somewhere that a Huskarl created at a barracks is weaker than that from a castle Though, remember than Goth Champs are still the best cost-effectively in the game: Our next step is to collect all available building, unit and technology names. A bland online version of the Age of Empires II technology tree. Not only a scouting purposes tech!! Share directly to my status. On top of that, when Thumb Ring is researched their Mangudai fire even faster than their Cavalry Archers, making them one of the best raiding units of AoE 2.


So that “exceptionally quick infantry” is slower than Elite Eagle Warriors contrary to popular beliefs.

The Throwing Axemen bonus against buildings is not as high as you can expect: Next we notice that some civilizations have unique units, which move parts of the tree around when they are inserted.

Dreamer Dec 11, This lowers the bar for newer players significantly.

empkres Even faster than a 21s Champion. Hereafter, we spend two hours scrolling through the tech tree of every civilization and adding the information which buildings, units and technologies are disabled to our application.

Interesting and comprehensive guide, but this Camel-Ship-Petard class doesn’t seem to work out, also not with the heated shot! This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

We devise a clever algorithm to recreate the desired layout that contains the data we collected ejpires. So let’s get started! Values extracted using Advanced Genie Editor 3 and in-game confirmation: With that being said, it is worth noting that their Conquistadors got a low rate of fire “built-in”, which means that their Conquistadors fire only a hair slower than their Hand Cannoneers 2. Statistical data for all units, buildings and civilizations for Age of Empires 2.

The slowest created unit in the game is the Bombard Cannon, with 56s creation time even with Conscription; the fastest unit that can be created is the Gothic Condotierro with Conscription and Perfusion researchedwith a lightning speed of 2.

This follows some general rules, like that mesoamerican civilizations do not have access to cavalry, and further civilization-specific rules that disable certain units and technologies for a civilization. BigChavix Dec 3, 7: When the experimental results were close to the reload time empirws the data files, I used the theoretical value. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

Unique infantry except Condotierro, Kamayuks, and Eagles tecchtree also get similar bonuses against Eagles The Rabid Ninja Bunny Jan 5 1: I’ve helped with some other cool guys with the balance of The Forgotten, and I’d like to use my past days and nights on AoE editing tools to reveal you all about what the Tech Tree hides you. Not anymore in AoF. Works fine in AoF – AoF: Of course full health villagers will be boosted from 25 to 40 HP.


Compete Tech Tree Speadsheet! (all civs) : aoe2

Infantry except Spear-line, Scout and Light Cav at 2. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Chu Ko Nus are created in 16s 19s in non-Forgotten versionwhereas their elite counterpart are created in 13s! Xu-B Nov 28, 5: Also empures to Philippe le Bon for this detailed guide. Add dank memes to your blog posts to boost your reach among adolescent audiences.

Also, some squares will be disabled for 30 out of 31 civilizations, but whatever. And techtrwe real figure is: Korean Team Bonus reduces the Mangonel-line minimum range from 3 to 1 same as a Skirmisherwhich is simply huge.

HD Edition Store Page. Nico Di Angelo May techttree, 2: They are also the only bolt-firing unit in the Cavalry Archer class. Based lf the unit type it can be melee or pierce. TruenoApex Jan 21 6: The main damage attack done by the units. EXCEPT Town Centers where it costs double wood, even for Britonsbut you’ll only need one stone to start repairing, not orso it’s quite nice.