The Conformist is a novel by Alberto Moravia published in , telling us about . ma un mio amico mi aveva detto que Il conformista è il migliori di Moravia. Il conformista has ratings and reviews. Chichikov said: The odd page prologue was the best part. An interesting book, but too long by half;. Il conformista has ratings and reviews. Il romanzo, pubblicato nel , è il ritratto di un personaggio e di un atteggiamento morale caratteri.

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Jun 16, Robert Wechsler rated it really liked it Shelves: On one level it’s a story about a Govt.

One is caught up in the world of a protagonist with whom it is hard to sympathize, and yet he is more like oneself than any of us would like to think. Mar 24, Xio rated it really liked it Shelves: Quadri tries to save Italy and Europe from Fascism.

However Marcello does say: A Psychological Thriller Some of my favourite films explore how people have dealt with life under Fascism or Communism: Another book on my list of Italian classics to read, recommended by a friend who lists Moravia as one of the best Italian authors of the 20th century.

He is a fake Conformist. This isn’t just photography, it’s art — powerful, beautiful, and effective.

The Conformist by Alberto Moravia

He finds Quadri who has also married, she is a younger woman named Lina, which since the chauffer of his childhood was named Lino, I would probably picked a name a little bit different than Lina for Quadri’s wife. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

View all 3 comments. So effectively we have a conflict between two men who have been called to action for different, almost mirror image, reasons. I’m just not convinced, the characters don’t fully come alive for me. Isabel rated it did not like it Aug 13, People say that, I think, so as to sound more literate and sophisticated than need be. En route to ParisMarcello makes a scheduled stop at a brothel in a small, unnamed town in Francewhere he is to meet Agent Orlando for further instructions.


Which is typical Conformsta Moravia when you come to think of it. Read this book in the original Italian, while studying the language in college. He confessed to killing someone at thirteen, but the prelate is more interested in the homosexual act that might have been involved in the story.

Jan 18, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: Perhaps even more to the point, he seems to project a need for the “abnormal” experience. It is an artifact of Moravia’s artistry that we do in fact in the end identify with Marcello and may even realize that in his situation, we too might have embraced fascism or at least tolerated it.

Without warning, after some complaint from Marcello’s mother or the cook, he would remember that he had a son, would start shouting at him, getting into a rage with him and striking him.

The film is a case study in the psychology of conformism and fascism: Moravia believed that writers must, if they were to represent reality, assume a moral position, a clearly conceived political, social, and morravia attitude, but also that, ultimately, “A writer survives in spite of his beliefs”. Anyway, he is called in to see the Minister whoever that is and told to get in touch with Edmondo Quadri, an old professor of his who is now an anti-Fascist leader working in France. Marcello noticed that he took the pack, squeezed it to see if albegto was fresh enough, and then ripped off the seal the same way the other three did.

The Conformist

He certainly wasn’t motivated by either ideology or, as I read him, by the mechanism of the “mass psychology of fascism” as Reich termed it, rather his situation was his very peculiar biography and the resultant inordinate need to feel albertto in a society which, at the time, happened to be fascist. In the first, Marcello coldly kills several lizards in the yard between his home and the home of his neighbor and friend, Roberto.

Here, it’s a toss-up, maybe just maybe with a slight edge to the film. Alas, I did not have the chance to read the original this time, I just saw the film.

The novel ends with Marcello hearing the plane’s approach. In a nutshell I think the book is about the psychological make-up of a typical Fascist. As I was reading I became almost convinced that this man couldn’t have written both books I must be thinking of a different book or a different author when I think The Conformist is a novel by Alberto Moravia published intelling us about the life of a government official during Italy’s fascist period and his desire to be normal.


Preview — The Conformist by Alberto Moravia. He was also a journalist, playwright, essayist and film critic. It is seriously lacking in subtlety and yet hard to figure out.

Il conformista

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In drawing a living, breathing portrait of Marcello, Moravia allows us to see him as a complex person with strengths and weaknesses who deals with the trials of life sometimes in a despicable way, and sometimes, indeed often, in a way that most of us would choose were we in his shoes.

Another great one from my new boyfriend, Alberto Moravia. He is not a peasant of course, but an educated functionary in the Italian Secret Service, a man with impeccable manners who seldom says more than is absolutely necessary.

There are many shots that are beautiful, with impressive, minimalist architecture. Godard’s ‘Contempt’ was boss The main character is a flawed member of the government network that is out to destroy its enemies.

Whatever it is, The Conformist is masterful, very well written, and one of those novels you could talk about for years. While Anna and Giulia head out shopping, Marcello is accosted iil an old man who first mistakes him for a beggar, and then mistakes him for a homosexual or perhaps a prostitute, revisiting the humiliation of the incident with Lino on Marcello.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His father has been in an ol for six years and suffers from the delusion that he is one of Mussolini’s top aides.

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