Timeless (Timeless Series) [Alexandra Monir] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When tragedy strikes Michele Windsor’s world, she is. Timeless (Timeless #1) is Alexandra Monir’s debut novel and best-selling time travel romance. An Amazon Best Books of the Month Pick and a. Timekeeper (Timeless #2) by Alexandra Monir: This sequel to Timeless combines breathtaking romance with a tale of complex magic in a story.

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Alright, let me tell you something, this book was simply amazing, and here are my reasons why: Being dashed back and forth between centuries, Michele appears to various members of her family who are long dead. Hey, people tend to notice if they learn about your grandparents in a history class.

In s New York, she met Philip Walker, the boy she keeps seeing in her dreams.

I would love to read this book then. Develop her prose and writing style.

Timeless (Timeless, #1) by Alexandra Monir

All Michele did was, “Oh! She was an orphan. Timmeless they finally met, there wasn’t much suspense or build-up. Muesli rated it did not like it Recommends timeleess for: I loved seeing the lives of the past! A wonderful and beautiful story! They can see her, but no one else can, aside from oneā€”the mysterious man from her dream, who is a Walker and engaged to her great great aunt Violet.

I’m going to give this book a compliment that I’m discovering is really no compliment at all: Then when she was late getting back to the present time, her grandparents were like SO angry and she just said, “I have school work with Cassie”.


Love knows no time. At least that shit makes me think about the hows and the whys that made them veer towards the path of NOPE; at least they make me feel something. We all still have lots to learn, lack of any idea where the story is going, no idea of such thing called characterization and plot development and settings. Tmieless how Michele played such a leading role in pretty much her whole family dating back to the ‘s was just so awesome; every time she went back had a purpose to change lives of her family and others.

The characters are undeveloped, the dialogue is mindless. In the middle the book was a bit slow and merely focused on her family’s past and I got a tiny bit bored. You would see why I said so. Which is why when done well it is one of my favourite genres but when it isn’t, it really falls flat. This time I won’t say too much about the plot, because I can’t seem to find a way to say it without major spoilers and I won’t be able to put in a few words all the beauty of this story, but to keep it short this is a story about a girl that finds alexanra way to travel through time not only to find true love in between the layers of time but also to help her ancestors find their way I didn’t feel a connection to the characters, and I moonir felt the relationships were a bit too rushed, which didn’t make them seem very believable.


You have to fight back.

I’ve decided to read it because the plotline seemed thrilling and I am sucker for a romance, but I am also a picky reader and I demand some quality from the author. I’ll guess I’ll have to see.

Timeless (Timeless , book 1) by Alexandra Monir

Their love had saved her after her mom died. As the story progresses, Michele t After an unsuspecting tragedy, Michele has to move to New York to live with her grandparents. And, sometimes, the lack of continuity. But that’s exactly where Monir let me down – a thin premise of time travel that was never clearly defined or explained, interspersed with a lot of one-dimensional characters.

Aughhhh I just don’t understand, which makes me want the book that much more! Life wasn’t easy for Michele, not until she discovered alexandrra key that can bring her to the past. I am interested in continuing, as I want some more answers.

It just came out of nowhere, and I’ll talk about it farther down in my review so I can get my total geek out hahah. What would you do to be with that person?

Timeless Series

I love that piece. Ann Reddy Damon from VOYA noted, “While the novel suffers from some incredulity in the time traveling, it is a good read for alexandrs looking for a love story. What is all that crap with the bump-in-the-night screams with her grandparents?