gives you a simple and robust solution: APEX PDF printing using OC4J as a print server (on Linux Centos with Oracle XE). The second step is to configure Oracle Containers for Java (OC4J) to use the certificate. Labels: SSL Oracle APEX OC4J https certificate. The main difference between OC4J and the full distribution of Oracle Application The file can be deployed on an OC4J instance and used by APEX to.

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On the Name field enter Admin. Admin New Password – Enter a unique password. The Update Application Assistant displays.

If you must change the port number, edit the following file:. On the left pane below Domain Structure, click Security Realms. There are two types of roles:. If apex or i are not Active, then enable them. In the left pane of the Administration Console, select Security Realms. On the Roles page, expand apex and click Roles.

At least one GlassFish server domain must be started before you start the Oc4k Console.

Repeat the steps above starting at step 5 and create another role with the following information:. Oracle Application Express must be installed from a writable directory on the file system Code Syntax: Click the Create button.


On the Edit Realm page, click the Manage Users button. Click Start and select Servicing all requests to make them active. Messages appear indicating the status of apex deployment. See the section 3. You can enable a default principal-to-role mapping on the Application Server using the Admin Console if the group list names is defined the same as the role names To enable a default principal-to-role mapping: See oc4u Security Realms”.

Erase the contents of C: If you are upgrading Oracle Application Express, you must copy the Oracle Application Express images from the upgraded version.

The Summary of Deployments displays. Before you begin the upgrade process, you must download and unzip Oracle Application Express Listener.

Robin Buitenhuis Oracle DBA: How to Use Oracle APEX SSL with Standalone OC4J

For more information on security realms, users, and roles refer to your Oracle for Containers J2EE documentation. Appex the Realms node. Create a role condition, which specifies who is in the scoped role and under which set of conditions: For Selected Roles, select Admin.

Sending outbound mail in Oracle Application Express.

Setup APEX PDF report printing with OC4J

Repeat the steps above starting oc4 step 5 and create another role with the following information: Select the check box next to Default Principal to Role Mapping. Click the Users and Groups tab and then click the Users tab.


On the File Users xpex, click New. The Security page displays. Select the realm to which to add your user for example, file. Click the Co4j button. Create a Web archive for the images directory. Consider the following example:. Do not use commas, tabs or any other characters in the following comma-delimited list:. On the Summary of Security Realms page, select the name of the realm you want to secure the resource for example, myrealm. Then, click Add and then Finish.

You will use this password when creating the DAD. A security realm consists of a set of configured security providers, users, groups, security roles, and security policies. About Standalone Configuration Options Oracle Application Express Listener provides several configuration options when running in standalone mode.

Next, configure Oracle Application Express Listener.

Specify the location of your i. Verify that apex is listed on the Applications page and the Status displays a green up-arrow indicating that it is Active.