The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) 5th Edition is a literal translation of the very oldest known Aramaic New Testament texts. This is a study Bible with. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition is translated from the First Century (John ) AENT God bless all those who read this and share His word. Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition has 53 ratings and 5 reviews. Gary said: The Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) Bible is translated from copi.

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Wanita Panza rated it did not like it May 02, I highly recommend that anyone who wants to seriously know what the New Testament really has to say, get this version from the original language and read it.

As a Christian and former Seminary student, I have found the New Testament written in the same language my savior spoke, much more beneficial to my personal understanding of what He really wanted us to learn, understand and believe.

For example, First Century and earlier Jews hated Greeks and their language. It is available, now, only in hardcopy format.

Michal rated it it was amazing Jun 09, The perversion of the mistranslation of references to Talmud as well as to those of Torah is rooted in the Greek documents. Discover the first New Testament, now available in English: Publishers, translators, editors, and contributors have passionately woven hundreds of years of study and research of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek into the AENT.


Refresh and try again.

Aramaic English New Testament 5th Edition by Andrew Gabriel Roth

You’re going to love reading your Aramaic English New Testament. Englosh Aramaic text is derived from the most ancient Aramaic sources within the family of Eastern Peshitta texts including the Khabouris Codex. Throughout, the verse notes, Mr.

The reader is provided an as-literal-as-possible translation without losing the English flow. Now that you are here, I hope that I can provide your copy of this Bible to you. Apr 26, Gary Patton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not only does the Aramaic English New Testament Bible render the Ancient Aramaic in a way that is easy for every English reader to understand, engliish it reveals nuances, poetry, and hidden codes of the New Testament that until now have only been available to Tetsament and Aramaic scholars.

L Softcover Vinyl, non-tearing: Will share more soon. The AENT will become an important reference resource to everyone who wants to learn the original teachings of Y’shua Jesus and his followers. In its pages you’ll find treasures of insights that will edify your walk. This author demolishes all the negative arguments in the AENT, while providing compelling positive ones.

Unfortunately, in many cases original meaning was lost.

Aramaic English New Testament

He explains the incredible distortion regarding what Yahshuah and His Apostles actually taught about the “Written Torah” first five books of the Hebrew Bible and the Rabbinical Oral Talmud man-made, onerous rules and traditions, added to God’s Word to exercise control over the Aenr.


About Andrew Gabriel Roth. Return to Book Page. In other words, a diglot. Also, he Roth has deftly incorporated his rational interpretation of many ideas kicked around in this forum and balanced them with good judgment. Nancy rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Mary Hudak-collins rated it it was amazing Dec 13, I am serving the Kingdom of Heaven here in Tesament sincein teaching, worship, and prayer.

The Aramaic English New Testament Bible |

The appendix is an intellectual gold mine of 82 separate relevant topics… Prof. Alex Norton rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Mashiyach Messiah was and is revealed in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic terms that are nonexistent in Greek. Leah Lawrence Learn More. Want to Read saving…. We all know nea the meaning of an entire verse can easily be altered by a translation. However, I do know that if you get into this you’ll make some fascinating discoveries of your own.

Every copy sold through me and JTOD. Shalom, I’m Teddy Chadwick. The AENT is quite amazing, and full of insights! It contains both English and the original biblical languages based on the Peshitta.

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