Complexity: Beginner; Data Requirement: ArcGIS Tutorial Data for Desktop; Data Path: C:\ArcGIS\ArcTutor\Network Analyst\Tutorial\Exercise10; Goal: To create. Should I remove ArcGIS Desktop 10 Tutorial Data by Environmental Systems Research Uninstaller: “C:\arcgis\ArcTutor\Support\” /i. default in c:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop\Documentation. Once installed, the exercise data is available at c:\arcgis\ArcTutor.

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This is useful when your entire study arctutir is contained by one time zone. When you download traffic data for the first time, a folder named v1 is added to the TrafficFiles folder. Give an example of when you would use each.

ArcGIS Desktop 10 Tutorial Data

The Streets-TMC table is used with 1 traffic data. Configuring historical traffic data is required to set up live traffic data. Later in this tutorial exercise, you will run a geoprocessing tool to make the live-traffic files from a traffic feed, which are called dynamic traffic format DTF files.

The Evaluators dialog xrctutor appears. The records in the table link edge source features with profiles in the Patterns table. A quick tour of the Building a geodatabase tutorial.

Give an example of when this would be useful. The tutorial data can be found on the I: In this tutorial, you will be introduced to representations that allow you to symbolize geographic features with a set of rules that are stored with your data in the geodatabase.


Remove the stores and warehouses layers from the table of srctutor. This lab teaches you how to use the Network Analyst toolbar to create networks and calculate routes, service areas, and optimal locations.

Network Analyst needs a time-zone attribute to correctly convert date and time values from live traffic data to local time-zone values. A quick tour of the database servers tutorial. The Time Slider dialog box appears.

You will see a new entry under stops at the location of the Eiffel Tower. Close the Find Address window. This lab teaches you how to use ArcToolbox and ModelBuilder to build an analysis model. When you start working with the live-traffic-enabled network dataset again, you can reenable the task to start receiving current traffic data. In many cases, you will need write access to that location to perform the tutorial. Your data provider Your user name and password The data provider’s region that feeds traffic data for San Diego.

ArcTutor Data | GeoNet

Why would you use historical traffic data? Solve for the new location change the Default Cutoff value if needed to get at least one facility.

When would you use elevation settings in a network? The Edit Trigger dialog box closes.


The only other layer to be included in this map is the roads layer. Arctutot that both sets of evaluators for the Streets source read the same Minutes field.

Tutorial Description Link Database servers. If Network Analyst doesn’t see the TimeZoneID field, but sees that there is exactly one record in the time-zone table, it can make a default evaluator that points to that time-zone record.

ArcGIS 10 official Tutorials PDF

By linking street source features with traffic profiles, the streets’ varying traffic speeds can be described for an entire arctuutor. There are many problem types to solve under advanced settings for location-allocation. New arcttutor files will be created in the output traffic data folder you specified when the script is completed.

If you are looking at traffic data in a different time zone than the one set on your operating system, you may want to set the time slider’s time zone reference to match that of the area of the map you are viewing.