AS/ printing – DDS spec PAGRTT in record format definitions. What do they iSeries AFPDS printing to an IP printer is not supporting images to IP printer. I am attempting to eliminate several pre-printed forms by using AFPDS, however I am running into a problem printing images. I first encountered. CPYSPLF and AFPDS So what do you do when you want to read an IPDS or AFPDS spooled Labels directly from the AS/ and iSeries.

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Display and edit aas400 form overlay building blocks on-screen. United States English English. So already today you can without any changes to your existing print programs start to use and benefit from InterForm.

OverView AFP Designer for AS400/iSeries

In the bottom-right panel click on the import option for the resource type you wish to create Overlays or Page Segments. Once the Import dialog box has disappeared, verify that the object has been created.

This video shows the various steps involved with installing and configuring the AFP Printer driver, and shows how to create and test overlays. The output queue prompt should be set to the name of an output queue where the spooled file is to be created. Full conditional processing support. This is what you want. Proof of concept Let us show you what we can do.

Dynamic switching between forms and data placement reduces test-printing on production printers. Select Option 6 Print next to the overlay. The size of the resulting AFP ro depends on the quality and resolution of the input image.


Specify, for example, Y: To change to the directory on the PC where PC is located, type the following: Place text alone or in a box. Download Product Sheets Fill fields with required information and we will send you the download link on your email.

Flip and mirror image. Read about our Cookies and Privacy Policy Learn more. AFP resources like fonts and logos are directly used. On the next screen you will be prompted to select the Manufacturer and Printer driver name. Cut, clip and crop functions. The output that is sent to the IBM AFP driver is dependant on your imaging application, so you may want to try printing from different applications to see how it looks.

If you wish to create as high quality an image as possible, make your input image match the resolution of your AFP driver. First, it is a fully graphical design environment, whereas DDS is a programming interface. To better control your margins, you can click on Clip Limits and change the default 0.

Signup for the Newsletter. Type the resource namewhich is the name you want to use for the overlay.

Read more about the product and its capabilities here: Display x Create repeated boxes with diagonals and rounded corners. The Clip Limits are really specifying afpxs the AFP driver is selectively choosing which portion of the printed document or image will be afpvs as the page segment. To change to binary, type the following: Create lines, boxes and circles in PEL accurate width in solid, dashed and dotted line styles.


To change to the library where the physical file is in the operating system, type the following: Windows Vista and newer. Windows compatible printer for PC test prints.

If printing from Adobe Reader, afpss is an “Advanced” button on the print dialog. Upload to iSeries automatically transfers individual forms or the whole project with all resources like Page Segments, Fonts, Overlays.

BCOCA bar code support. The Help dialog boxes will help you decide how to best clip your image. Watson Product Search Search. IBM i Print Software qs400 On the Print Test Page dialog box, select No. Windows 8 and higher fully supported. Let us show you what we can do. Spray-shade in various brush widths. You will be asked if you want this driver to be the Windows default printer. Recent versions of the driver may be called the Infoprint AFP printer driver. Select raster and outline fonts from the library by font style, size and properties.

Save time by leaving this set to On.

IBM Creating AFP Resources Using the IBM AFP Printer Drivers – United States

Select Option 22 Work with overlays. This will allow your image to print as far to the left and top as possible, and will allow you to define your image margins from your application rather than relying on the driver.

Remember that page segments do not really relate to page margins.