Astragalus gombo is a species of plants with 2 observations. ?id= 1 reference. stated in · GRIN Taxonomy for Plants · retrieved. 16 March A water soluble polysaccharide (WSP) was extracted and purified from Astragalus gombo seeds (Fabaceae) harvested in Septentrional Sahara.

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Gray Astragalus pulviniformis I. Astragalus suffalcatus Bunge Astragalus suffruticosus DC. Astragalus heterodoxus Bunge Astragalus heterotrichus Gontsch. Barneby Astragalus janthinus Boiss.

The genus was formally described in by Carl Linnaeus in his Species Astragalis. Li Astragalus aridus A. Xu Astragalus peruvianus Vogel Astragalus peterae H.

Astragalus petropylensis Bunge Astragalus petunnikowii Litv. Gray Astragalus huochengensis Podl. Astragalus rufescens Freyn Astragalus ruiz-lealii I. Astragalus melanostachys Bunge Astragalus melilotoides Pall.


Kiapasia Woronow ex Grossh. Barneby Astragalus ionae Palib. Astragalus stenanthus Bunge Astragalus stenocarpus Gontsch. Gray Astragalus ampullarioides S.

Ho Astragalus taiyuanensis S. Gray Astragalus lineatus Lam. Deml Astragalus englerianus Ulbr. Xu Astragalus miguelensis Greene Astragalus mikrophyton Sirj.

Xu Astragalus nishapurensis Sirj. Wu Astragalus xitaibaicus K. Astragalus przewalskii Bunge Astragalus psammophilus Golosk. The name Astragalus is Greekan old name for this group of plants which were believed to have a positive effect on goat milk production.

Astragalus gombo – Wikispecies

Fu Astragalus teheranicus Boiss. Astragalus recurvus Greene Astragalus reduncus Pall. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Porter Astragalus hamosus L. Xu Astragalus ornithopodioides Lam.

The calyx is tubular or bell-shaped. Hello Ferran Perfect point of view to show flowers and leaves. Xu Astragalus purpusii M.

Astragalus gombo

Privacy Policy Terms of Use Cookies. Astragalus daleae Greene Astragalus danicus Retz. Gray Astragalus triflorus DC. Ho Astragalus caespitosulus Gontsch.

Astragalus kurtschumensis Asrragalus Astragalus kuschakevitschii O. Xu Astragalus macrotrichus E. Astragalus helleri Fenzl Astragalus helmii DC. Yu Astragalus patagonicus Phil. Gray Astragalus horridissimus Sirj. Watson Astragalus potaninii N. Astragalus calcicolus Podlech Astragalus californicus A. Gray Astragalus humistratus A.


Ho Astragalus takharensis Podlech Astragalus takhtadzhjanii Grossh. Jones Astragalus vallestris Kamelin Astragalus vallicoides A. Astragalus gueldenstaedtiae Bunge Astragalus guinanicus Yu-H. Jones Astragalus souliei G.

Astragalus gombo Bunge — The Plant List

Jones Astragalus oocarpus A. Gray Astragalus bracteosus Boiss. Fu Astragalus flavus Torr. Hello Ferran Very atragalus macro. Jones Astragalus whitneyi A. Nikitin Astragalus klementzii N.