Order the Atera Bicycle Carrier Strada Sports M3 – for 3 Bicycles online quickly and at low cost. The largest official Atera dealer – 1x ATERA Extension 3 & 4 bikes ATERA Extension 3 & 4 bikes Sport 3/ M 3/E-Bike. 5 LITRE CASTROL EDGE TITANIUM FST™ 0W A3/B4. Atera Strada Sport M 2+Extension 3. Bike+Rail Products with top quality and for a favourable price in our shop. Fast shipping and more than products.

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The Atera instructions are appalling, but Roofbox helpfully include an extra sheet with more useful pictures and words. Atsra arms would be helpful. We e-mail our customers a week or so after their order arrives and invite them to send in a review.

The only extra things I needed were some pipe insulation pieces to avoid bikes rubbing on each dtrada due to their design. It fits to all types of tow ball without any adjustment; you just place it on the tow ball and push down the handle – no tools are required. Have since used it on around a dozen or so occasions, with drives up to miles at a time.

I also like the large lighting cluster. Three-bike rack is fairly heavy so bear this in mind when deciding, e. Our 90 day Exchange Scheme.

Atera STRADA Sport M 3 to 4 bike carrier no. AR

Looked at various tow bar mounted bike racks read the reviews and decided this was the one from lifting it off the garage wall to loading 3 bikes and ready for the off 10 minutes the ease of use and being able to access the hatch back even when the bikes are on brill may strad be the cheapest but definitely the best, rack and all bikes secured with the use of one key.


The bikes go on easily and are firmly secured giving you peace of mind that they are going to stay put. However, once you know what you’re doing it’s a matter of seconds atega attach the carrier to the car. Tilt facility very handy and easy to use again once you have managed to interpret the instruction leaflet.

A bag to slide it into would be a bonus — but not included with the rack I bought.

STRADA SPORT 3+1 bike rack – Milestones

We work with some of the best couriers in the business, and overall they provide an outstanding service. Would highly recommend this company.

This is usually because there is not enough space between the wheels and the shock absorbers; this can be a problem for ordinary SUVs and 4x4s as well as for high performance cars. Am very happy with it.

Atera Strada Sport M 3 Fahrradträger 022624 für 4.rad

I used to dread setting up my old strap-based rear carrier, and would only use it when I absolutely had to. This is stradx the exchange scheme works: View all products Change vehicle.

This makes the car easier for parking, does attera take up too much boot space and stops it being in the way if not needing to carry bikes for a couple of days whilst away. If I was being picky, the straps that hold the wheels in place get in the way when lifting the bikes on to the rack as they are stiff and tend to lie on the channel. The bike rack itself is easy to fit and once you have the hang of it you can attach the rack and place bikes on it within minutes.


In other words, straada the replacements are cheaper than the originals we won’t be giving you “extra cash back”. I am looking forward to taking my bikes where I want for many years to come now! Hatchback Sturdy rack that does the job well. The rack is sturdy and locks solidly on the towbar.

The tilt facility to get into the back of the car is more useful than you might think. I was pleased with it straight away.

Strada Sport M 2+Extension 3. Bike+Rail

Max number of bikes: The removable ramp that I purchased to use with this carrier when loading my electric bike is also excellent. If you need one of these remember to tick the box below to add this to your order. Make sure you get the nuts on the right way round. It’s really important to select the correct vehicle, paying attention to the year of the manufacture. Sussing out how to open up the hitch is the secret, which Splrt did in front of the computer in the house!

Attaching straxa to carrier is also simple. With swivel joints at both ends, and a slight curve in the aluminium support rod to increase the opportunities available, we haven’t yet come across any combination of bike sizes and styles that can’t easily be locked into place using the same key which locks the whole unit to the tow ball.

The straps are very secure and easy to tighten properly, important for a heavy ebike.

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