The Audiolab X7 is a genuine one-box, seven channel power amplifier, capable of handling even difficult loudspeaker loads – it will cleanly deliver 7 x. The Audiolab X7 gives you home cinema sound so powerful you will think you at the movies, matched with the Audiolab AV Pre-Amplifier you can. If ever a brand typified the most conservative values of reliable, performance- driven British hi-fi, then Audiolab alongside its IAG stablemate, Quad, would be.

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Take home theatre for instance. Audiolab isn’t the first modestly sized hi-fi firm to find the inexorable onward march of home cinema technology tricky to keep up with. Audiolab has been careful with real estate planning and it’s not a mad squeeze.

Impressive clarity Classical music also showed off the Audiolabs to good advantage, with the relationship between instruments particularly admired. The Audiolab is still available. The welcome surprise, though, is that this combo does music with real panache.

However, you can also run it in five or six channel mode too. It seems that a multichannel system like this can indeed give musical satisfaction. But the latter is twice the price and doesn’t include seven channels! There’s ample punch and drive, and though the top of the frequency range shines sweetly, there’s never any danger of hard edges creeping in.

Happy Camper Trade Count: I use it to drive my Atmos Speakers. No high-def audio decoding However, the problem here is if you partner the X7 with the matching AP processor, the latter lacks HD audio decoding. Mods can lock thanks. MadHat on October 18, Digital Editions Mini sample downloads. Excellent HT amp with power on tap,bridging and decent stereo performance too Some www pics.


Audiolab AP/X7 (£/£) – Pre/power amplifiers

Want the latest issue of Hi-Fi News? Our Verdict The multichannel features are impressive and the proliferation of digital inputs could be useful. Sure, it’ll take PCM audio from your Blu-ray audiokab HD DVD player, and yes, you can instruct said player to convert every form of sound stored on your discs into a PCM signal that the Audiolab can understand — but wouldn’t you rather be able to listen 800×7 your discs’ soundtracks in their unconverted form?

Both products performed beautifully during my listening tests, PCM audio from Blu-ray disc proving to be a treat with discs such as Rambo reallyI Am Legend and Bladerunner.

What Hi-Fi?

The dynamic range of these new HD soundtracks should be approached with some caution however, for while you might adjust the volume to suit the dialogue and incidental effects throughout the opening scenes on the space station, the sound of the shuttle pod ripping through the forest has the X7 sounding bitingly hard. This can be achieved simply by changing switch settings on the rear of the unit. The partnering X7 power amplifier is engineered solidly enough where it counts, but the plain alloy faceplate and pressed steel chassis and bonnet are a trifle utilitarian.

The same applied in the jazz track, where the bass seemed somehow slower than the melody. Its story begins with audioalb monstrous toroidal transformer, which is obviously going to be needed for seven channels of watts, and ends with a pair per channel of bipolar power transistors mounted on the heatsinks which make up the sides of the unit.

Audiolab 8000AP/8000X7 (£1000/£1500)

Price is neg Gentleman and Lady Leave a Comment Cancel Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the pics, and thanks for the link Brian.


Against Short of the audio and video facilities you might expect at this price. Some 18 months later, Audiolab has tried to address some of our concerns, but that long a timespan is an eternity in modern home cinema terms — just ask HD DVD manufacturers. Originally published in the June issue. There is no on-board high-resolution audio capability True-HDas Audiolab figured that discerning HT fans would have an upmarket Blu-ray player with on-board decoding.

For Big, bold and immersive sound cast-iron build. John Howe’s Audiojumble Website. By bridging two channels it is possible to create a more powerful single channel – especially useful if your front left and front right speakers are more performance critical than the other speakers in your 5. The amp is now sold. These would drive the front pair of a 5.

It really does sound very good. With an elegant simplicity, the X7 is a powerful audiophile performer. Indeed – and this may ruffle some feathers – it was felt to be one of the most ‘musical’ systems in the test.

Which is why the launch of its ahdiolab AV product demands some serious attention.

Still up for sale. If ever a brand typified the most conservative values of reliable, performance-driven British hi-fi, then Audiolab alongside its IAG stablemate, Quad, would be firmly in the running. So are the changes timely, audlolab too little, too late? Brian J Trade Count: