Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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A separate module will handle the configuration details and autosae parameter values will be made available to the other configurqtion during the linking process. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. It would only be able to resolve the relatively simple dependencies explicitly defined in the Configuration Parameter Definitions.

When specifying the containment relationship between the ModuleDef and containers the role name container is used. With the additional attributes min and max the range of this parameters values in the ECU Configuration Description can be limited.

The values chosen must match a configuration variant and the corresponding configuration classes defined in the modules SWS. Parameters hold the relevant values that configure the specific parts of an ECU. Link Type Integer However, the intermediate format must not be changed by any legacy configuration tools, since those changes would possibly make the overall configuration inconsistent, and since changes would be lost with the next generation of the intermediate format.

The relationship between the two file types is shown in figure 3. Example BSW1 in figure 2. Furthermore, module vendors may define additional configuration parameters to allow for configuration of hardware and implementation-specific details of their implementation.


Specification of ECU Configuration

Currentlfy, only informal definition of the formula is supported. This is captured in the attribute calculationFormula8 as a plain String. In the next sections these different parameter types will be described in detail. The background for providing these values is that configuratioh standardized parameter definition does not fix the configuration class for most parameters.

Specification of ECU Configuration

In every case, the ECU Configuration Description is expected to be the point of reference, the backbone of the process. Each module generator may then extract the subset of configuration data it needs from that single format.

This is the way that the tool gets a definition of exactly which ECU Configuration Parameters are available and how they may be configured. Definition of the languag used to specify the formula in attribute calculationFormula. To give a better impression how the referencing mechanism and code generation may work the ModuleConfigurations of the using and the providing modules are shown here.

Only a limited number of editors would be required, maybe only one, and the look and feel is less likely to vary greatly between generic tools. Link Type lowerMultiplicity String 1 aggregation upperMultiplicity String 1 aggregation Description The lower multiplicity of the specified element.

Since currently only informal description are supported also a combination of natural language with such references is possible to express more complex relationships. ChoiceContainerDef [ecuc sws ] For the possible multiplicity the ChoiceContainerDef multiplicity attributes are relevant. In order to generate a working executable that runs on the ECU, much more configuration information must be provided. Class diagram for parameter references [ecuc sws ] The abstract class ConfigReference is used to specify the common parts of all reference definitions.


Parameter container description [ecuc sws ] The Container inherits from Identifiable defining a namespace for all Containers, ParameterValues and ReferenceValues that belong to that Container.

Configuration tools are required only to support a single standardized interface, configuragion ECU Configuration Description Template, but there is no overall picture of the state of configuration for a particular ECU because each tool specializes only on a particular subset of the configuration.

Example of an object diagram for container definition In the XML outtake in example confiugration. Therefore the Container substitutes the choice container directly in the parameter description. Following abbreviations are mentioned that are specifically used in this specification: Then, in a generation step, the actual XML formats are automatically generated out of the model.

The configuratin defining the SymbolicNameReferenceDef is the user and the destination of the reference is the provider of the symbolic name. The definitions may be adapted to the implementation following the rules defined in chapter 4.

In general the configuration language uses containers and actual parameters. Nevertheless tools need the knowledge about ECU Configuration Parameters and their constraints configutation as configuration class, value range, multiplicities etc. Link Type reference to instance Description Table 3. Link Type 1 aggregation calculation Calculation 1 Language Language aggregation Description Definition of the formula used to calculate the value of the configuration element.

ParamConfMultiplicity For examples please refer to figure 3.