Baldassare Castiglione count of Casatico, was an Italian courtier, diplomat, soldier and a prominent Renaissance. The Book of the Courtier has ratings and reviews. Fionnuala said: When I opened this book today to attempt to review it, a bookmark fell out. I. 1 THE BOOK OF THE COURTIER BY COUNT BALDESAR CASTIGLIONE () TRANSLATED FROM THE ITALIAN BY LEONARD ECKSTEIN OPDYCKE.

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The book is Castiglione’s memorial tribute to life at Urbino and to his friendships with the other members of the court, all of whom went on to have important positions and many of whom had died by the time the book was published, giving poignancy to their portrayals.

Published May 2nd by Dover Publications first published The Book of the Courtier is a book on courtly etiquette and romantic love. The book is full of typical Renaissance topics: Inthe year before his death, the book for which Castiglione is most famous, The Book of the Courtier Il Libro del Cortegianowas published in Venice by the Aldine Press [10] run by the heirs of Aldus Manutius.

And I remember thinking about the ironic paths that history traces the portrait of Della Rovere Alidosi’s killer, was temporarily across the ‘Paseo del Prado’. The French are wrong to assert that a knowledge of letters conflicts with fighting ability. Baldassare Castiglione expressed the transition of humanism from the city to the Renaissance court. Indeed, the wisest ancient philosophers taught that the heavens themselves are composed of music and there is a harmony of the spheres.

The courtier should be deeply versed in Greek and Latin and should know enough to be able to discriminate between good and bad writing as well as the other arts for himself, without relying slavishly on the word of others. Women are discussed as well, since they are woman at court and the discussions are moderated by the female host. Included in these virtues are grace, health, knowledge of arms, candor, trust, and beauty.

The conversation takes place over a span of four days in the yearwhile Castiglione was supposedly absent on an embassy to England. This leads to many debates about courtly and corporeal love, with extensive debate about whether a woman should be allowed as much righ The first section discusses the qualities of the ideal courtier, and focuses on accomplishments such as dancing, fencing, etc.


And if ever you liked any of my whims, this one should not displease you, and to a prince, especially a new prince, it should be welcome; therefore I am addressing it to his magnificence Giuliano. It picked up in the middle where the dialogue gets heated, but it still took me close to two hours to get through twenty pages. That was not my interest in going through this, so it was a bit of a slog.

His illegitimate son Ippolito b. The discussion also touches on a variety of other questions, such as which form of government is best, a republic or a principality —the Genoese Fregoso brothers taking the republican side, since Genoa had long had a republican government.

The Book of the Courtier

Every evening the gentlemen and ladies of the court gather in the duchess’s parlor to dance, sing, and play games. The rest of the book is taken up with long and involved speeches by men. It was at Urbino that Castiglione collaborated with his cousin on a pastoral drama, Tirsiin which the speeches of nymphs and shepherds conceal references to the court.

At the outset of the discussion Canossa also insists that the art of being a perfect courtier is something that cannot be taught that is, broken down to a set of rules or preceptsand therefore, he declares rhetorically—and with sprezzatura that he will refuse to teach it.

The fourth book is odd and it originally seemed a bit out of place until you realize that it is not sufficient to just describe the qualities of the perfect courtier, but you also have to discuss what he is supposed to be doing – or his “final cause”.

This expresses the Renaissance ideal of perfect duality: Through his set of Renaissance-era conversations in Book of the Courtier, Castiglione suggests an ideal – the one way to be a man, the one way to be a woman, imitation of man after man after tue. You can read four articles free per month. Views Read Edit View history.

The Book of the Courtier by Baldassare Castiglione | Issue | Philosophy Now

It is noticeable, however, that though skill in fighting is insisted on at the outset as a requisite for the Italian courtier, it is scarcely alluded to in the rest of the book. This “entertaining comedy of manners” might read like it’s entirely fiction, but in fact took place over the course of four evenings, beginning as game between about 30 people, some quite famous in The discussion develops over four nights, each meriting a separate book.


In his profusely humanistic Gargantua and….

Not only does it provide the best illustration of the Renaissance preoccupation with the uomo universalethe many-sided casttiglione it also touches, however briefly, on all the themes, great and trivial, pursued in contemporary Italian literature and thought, from the importance of study and imitation of the classical world to the role of Fortune in human affairs.

Well, okay, maybe why terrible people would. They then discuss which is superior, painting or sculpture?

Some hold that a lady should only love when it is possible to marry; others, not. This book is surprising and entirely charming. I don’t get why anyone would dislike this.

Please help to create a more balanced presentation. That final aspect lead to a discussion of the ideal lady. Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube It’s a nice window into early renaissance court life——it’ll give you an idea about some of what Shakespeare’s plays include, people like Henry VIII, etc. Dec 24, Sherwood Smith added it Shelves: Music likewise couttier habits of harmony and virtue in the individual and should therefore be learned beginning in childhood.

Thanks for that fine portrait of Francesco Maria della Rovere, Kall. The courtier must be physically and emotionally fit. Today, it remains the most definitive account of life among the Renaissance nobility.

The Courtier

The Pennsylvania State University Press. If you take this work as an early example of professional guidance, it flaws are those of the genre today. He traveled quite often for the Gonzagas; during one of his missions to Rome he met Guidobaldo da MontefeltroDuke of Urbino ; and ina reluctant Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantua allowed him to leave and take up residence in that court.

They should also be good with women. Castiglione was himself a courtier, and his book presents a series of discussions that take place over the course of 4 evenings in the chambers of the duchess of Urbino in