Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. An Inner Sphere Themed rulebook for the Battletech CCG card game from the 90s . While reading the rules and playing the game.. interrupting Schuler in the . Someone’s made the whole CCG available on TTS. I’ve been looking for a tutorial though to refresh myself with the CCG rules and turn order.

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Submit a new link. If the head judge determines that a player failed to complete his or her turn s in a reasonable amount of time at any point in the battle, the responsible player will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines.

All 4 damage must be dealt during the same attack. This is true even if the Vehicle says it is scrapped only on a 6.

Question about the Battletech CCG rules – very confused : battletech

Unlimited states, “You may activate Ambush! Head Judge Responsibilities If the DCI tournament manager is not present, the head judge is the final arbiter of all questions and disputes during a tournament. Phases of the Turn “The old ways of war are dead, Father, and we must adapt, or die! Battletfch point of damage to the deck scraps a card from it. Unit Stats Base attack, armor, and structure are the values a Unit has before any modifications from effects, options, or Enhancements are applied.

Forged Mission Orders Limited, Unlimited untaps a blocking Unit in addition to removing it from battle, so the Unit always becomes untapped. Tournament officials must comply with this rule and section 3. Or should we just look at your version, take the ideas that work best and incorporate? Whenever damage is redirected to an Enhancement, the attacker has the option of assigning some, all, or none of the damage dealt to the target to the Enhancement rrules.


Bear in mind that I’ve played like three games, so I’m by no means an expert. Whenever players wish to concede, they must have the approval of the head judge. Hattletech with all other public representatives of DCI tournaments, head judges are expected to treat players and others in a courteous and polite manner.

For each additional ten minutes players are late, they each receive one battle battletecg.

If any other notes are taken, the player will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines. This other Unit may be a Battle Armor Unit. Any discrepancy should be reported to a tournament official and, pending an investigation, the player will be subject to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines. There’s no area to do this on the play field so I’m not sure what in the hell they mean by putting down construction counters based on resources, but I assume that means discarding them?

Mercenaries version only Add the text: This five-minute period does not include shuffling an opponent’s deck or resolving any Mulligans. After all cards are drafted or each player has two cards from the current booster pack whichever comes firstthe table judge clears the drafting area and prepares for the next booster-pack draft. I was wondering if the other box powers were available for adding please, such as this [boardgamegeek. Missiles When you use a Unit’s Missile option, you can fire up to the number of missiles it has.


Enhancements You can play an unlimited number of Enhancement cards on a given Unit or site. BattleTech Tabletop Primer – New? The table there is laid out with a 2. All warnings issued by a judge must be reported to the head judge so he or she can issue penalties appropriately and maintain a complete and accurate event log.

Players are not allowed to look at cards in their sideboard during battle play. Any card touched by a player is considered drafted. It could be worth it, I imagine to send a little scout in after a construction unit to reveal cxg doing “recon” before deciding if you want to send a larger force at it.


BattleTech Collectible Card Game

Battle Armor Battle Armor may not be assigned to attack or block unless another Unit is also assigned to attack or block with it. Example Scrounger Crew LimitedUnlimited creates when it is activated. See the Commander’s Edition rulebook, pp.

Players who accumulate enough battle losses through this process will receive a match loss. The pod judge then distributes an equal number of BattleTech booster packs to each player in the pod. On a 5 or a 6 the Vehicle is scrapped. The second would be lost since it wasn’t spent immediately.

All tournament disqualifications are subject to DCI review, and further penalties may be assessed. One game of BattleTech. If the head judge determines that a player exceeded the time limit on purpose and is stalling, the head judge will subject batfletech player to the appropriate provisions of the DCI penalty guidelines. His or her opponent receives a win for the match. As with any other option, you can decide not to cdg Missile and thus fire no missiles. When the head judge announces the start of the match.

Abilities that apply to ‘Mechs apply only to ‘Mechs and not to other types of Units. Once the notice period passes, the judge announces that the match is over. Players must receive an identical number of batrletech packs from each card set being used in the tournament.

Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. For more information about the use of card sleeves, see section 1. This means you can tap the MCHQ for 1 resource.

This mission cannot be blocked.