Juni bei der CSU auf Kritik. Die SPD nennt die CSU “Alpen-Ayatollahs”. Die CSU plant, den Koalitionsausschuss anzurufen. Die Partei hat . Bayernplan Welche Versprechen die CSU gehalten hat – und welche nicht. Sept. Die CSU hat zusätzlich einen eigenen ‘”Bayernplan'” verabschiedet. Hier können Sie sich über das Wahlprogramm informieren. A “Bayernplan” banner by the CSU is seen during the start of a CSU election campaign rally in Munich – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at.

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After a month of negotiations, bayernplwn FDP walked away from the talks as they perceived that their policy proposals were poorly reflected in the proposed government programme. They are facing the same dilemma as the SPD.

Salta al contenuto principale. If necessary, the German CDs are in favour for the migration of skilled workers from abroad into the German labour market and German society.

Topics of the German Christian Democrats for the Federal Election and beyond | ISPI

Scu ellipses represent the standard deviations of the party answers to all statements used to construct each axis. Analysis by political camp. Although the moderate wing around party founder Lucke left the party inthe internal debates are not over. Traditionally, the public old-age pension scheme is an important and sensitive policy topic in Germany. In this overview of political strategy debates of political parties in selected European and non-European countries, the authors strive to present political analyses not in text form, but graphically and pointedly.

While looking at the political landscape it may seem odd that left-libertarian voters are switching to a clearly right-wing conservative party. SPD candidate Martin Schulz managed a solid campaign and is reasonably popular among the electorate, but did not stand a chance against Chancellor Angela Merkel.


bayernlpan Polls suggest that the party and its personnel enjoy positive public evaluations, but it seems that many SPD sympathisers did not vote for the party to prevent another Grand Coalition. As the party lost a high proportion of voters to such ideologically diverse parties as Die Linke, Greens, FDP and AfD, it will be almost impossible to win back all these voters for the next election.

Wahlprogramm: CDU und CSU wollen das Kindergeld erhöhen

Euro Champagner trinken und auf den Tischen tanzen. Within these years fsu lead government in different coalition settings; first with the Social democrats, then with the Liberals and then again with the Social democrats. How do they react to changes in the society and with which topics do they position themselves where in the political debate?

Finally, it is interesting to note that the Greens, in contrast to almost every other party, did not lose voters to the AfD. Chinesische Sonde kurz vor Ankunft Video: Under leadership of federal chancellor Angela Merkel the German economy recovered significantly und proved to be resistant against different crises e.

Bundestagswahl 2017: Wahlprogramme der etablierten Parteien

FDP supports the most business-friendly economic policies with a focus on digitalisation and tax cuts. Parties and their potential voters in the parliamentary election For the Liberals, the election was a special one.

All parties except for the AfD responded to this request. Here, typical issues are multiculturalism, immigration, national identity, gender equality and environmentalism.

Changes and advances are to be stated in the fields of internal security, the fight against terrorism, the integration of refugees, the global management of refugee movement and the challenges of a digital world.


Nevertheless, life should become better, so the Christian democrats. New and modified issues Changes and advances are to be stated in the fields of internal security, the fight against terrorism, the integration of refugees, the global management of refugee movement and the challenges of a digital world. The parties accept the requirement to increase the expenditures for development cooperation and for defence in accordance with global expectations and national needs.

How are political movements positioned? Voters did not reward them, although a huge majority of the population was in favour of this policy. Although the party is partly still dominated by strong business-friendly positions such as tax cuts, the party has not yet reached a consensus among key issue like pensions or health care systems.

Policy fields Society A large majority of roughly 80 per cent of the Germans say that Germany is a country in which they feel good and safe. Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen dazu: The horizontal axis represents the economic dimension, differentiating political parties on policy issues related to state intervention in the economy, redistribution, taxation policy and the welfare state.

CSU-Präsentation by Anne Siebert on Prezi Next

Wir freuen uns, wenn Sie mit uns in den Austausch treten. Hier finden Sie alle Informationen:.

The Greens are probably facing the biggest strategic dilemma of all parties. On baternplan other hand, this process is undermined by the difficult and increasingly fragmented German political landscape as the party is pressured to step in if other government formations fail.

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