Introduction. Coningsby, or The New Generation (), is the first of the trilogy of novels that deal with the political condition of early Victorian. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Coningsby, by Benjamin Disraeli This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. Coningsby, in full Coningsby, or The New Generation, political novel by Benjamin Disraeli, published in It is the first novel in Disraeli’s trilogy completed by.

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It savoured rather of restlessness than of energy; and, while it proved in its progress not only an ignorance diseaeli his part of the public mind, but of the feelings of his own party, it terminated under circumstances which were humiliating to the Crown, and painfully significant of the future position of the House of Lords in the new constitutional scheme.

Internet URLs are the best. Just as the youth, mounted on a chair, was adjusting the portrait of the Duke, which he had observed to be awry, the gentleman for whom he had been all this time waiting entered the room.

Coningsby, or, The New Generation

Impudently usurping the name of that party of which nationality, and therefore universality, is the essence, these pseudo-Tories made Exclusion the principle of their political constitution, and Restriction the genius of their commercial code. Pale imitation of Trollope. His movement was called “Young England” — a charmingly vague name.

As with Sybilhe creates a set of impossibly idealized central characters, distaeli in limb and mind, whose good qualities are extolled at length. These were all wanting: More along the lines of “Middlemarch” in terms of taking in the intricacies of relations. Taper, who, under the old system, had sneaked into the Treasury Board. You have to wade through rather a diisraeli of Disraeli’s specific analysis of British politics and general theories of history, benjamln in this book, with one of the protagonists a Jew, the 19th century theories of race can be a bit tough going – but the actual plot, in which the hero honorably gets the girl, is quite straight-forwardly enjoyable.


They talked over the exploits of the morning; canvassed the merits of the competitors, marked the fellow whose play or whose stroke was improving; glanced at another, whose promise had not been fulfilled; discussed the pretensions, and adjudged disreali palm.

Not because you saved my life, though that is a great thing, but because before that I would have done anything for you; only, for the cause above mentioned, I would not show it. Rigby contradicted Buckhurst on some point of Eton discipline, which Buckhurst would not stand. Trivia About Coningsby, or, Th Now I do not ask you, Vere, to relinquish the political tenets which in ordinary times would have been your inheritance.

Rigby and his companion arrived at the base of a private staircase. The road from Eton to Salt Hill was clogged with carriages; the broad fields as far as eye could range were covered with human beings.

One must attribute this degeneracy, therefore, to the long war and our insular position, acting upon men naturally of inferior abilities, and unfortunately, in addition, of illiterate habits. The truth coningsbt, the peers were in a fright.

The favourite of the school like Coningsby, he could, under no circumstances, ever have become; nor was he qualified to obtain that general graciousness among the multitude, which the sweet disposition of Henry Sydney, or the gay profusion of Buckhurst, acquired without any effort.

Each of those who are intrusted with these ephemeral commissions has one or more attendants, the number of these varying according to his rank. It was impossible that suspense could be strained to a higher pitch. They made no single preparation for the inevitable, almost impending, conjunctures of the East. However the next day, Edith’s father bans Coningsby from seeing her again since their families cannot be linked. Mark what blunders parents constantly make as to the nature of their own offspring, bred, too, under their eyes, and displaying every hour their characteristics.

Lord Monmouth gave Coningsby his blessing and ten pounds; desired that he would order a dress, anything he liked, for the approaching Montem, which Lord Monmouth meant to attend; and informed his grandson that he should order that in future a proper supply of game and venison should be forwarded to Eton for the use of himself and his friends. It, however, necessarily followed that the guests who were charmed by Gay, wished Gay also to be their guest.


The return of Coningsby, their leader alike in sport and study, inspired them today with unusual spirits, which, to say the truth, were never particularly depressed.

Ingratitude to Lord Grey was more the fashion at the commencement ofand before the close of that eventful year, the once popular Reform Ministry was upset, and the eagerly-sought Reformed Parliament dissolved! The Third Estate was reconstructed as circumstances developed themselves.

Coningsby, by Benjamin Disraeli

At this moment Millbank entered. They determined to put down the multitude. He immediately undertook that the boy should be forthcoming, and notwithstanding the excitement of the moment, he went off next morning to fetch him. The school-boy, above all others, is not the simple being the world imagines. It would spoil everything, quite upset him. Great minds must trust to great truths and great talents for their rise, and nothing else. The pallid countenance, the lacklustre eye, the hoarse voice clogged with accumulated phlegm, indicated too surely the irreclaimable and hopeless votary of lollypop, the opium-eater of schoolboys.

Lord Monmouth sometimes summed up with an epigrammatic sentence, and turned the conversation by a question, in case it dwelt too much on the same topic. But without the horrible tragedy. Coningsby was his model, alike in studies, in manners, or in pastimes; the aptest scholar, the gayest wit, the most graceful associate, the most accomplished playmate: The Duke of Wellington has ever been the votary of circumstances.

He had found, in general, the lower orders debased; the superior immersed in sordid pursuits; but he perceived that the intellectual development was not impaired. Pitt would have settled this business long ago.

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