My copy of Luciano Berio’s Sequenza V had been in the filing cabinet for literally 30 years before I attempted to play it. The piece was written for tenor trombone. Grock. And the Berio Sequenza V. This page includes: Grock’s biography. Luciano Berio’s comments about Grock and Sequenza V. Abbie Conant’s comments. Berio – Sequenza V – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

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Here it is used as transitional material. He abruptly halts with his back still turned to us.

Luciano Berio: Sequenza V

The announcer notes that no one was ever able to copy the coming stunt. In he left England and remained on the European continent until his farewell performance at age 74 in Hamburg, Germanyon October 30 Notice how through a couple of delays, he creates a brief pause that perfectly sets up his fall through the chair. On the contrary, the piece turns inward, almost anguished at this point.

We see that music derives from something deeper than mere sound. The hat slides down on a ramp to the floor.

Grock, the clown & Luciano Berio’s Sequenza V

Thus Sequenza V can also be heard and seen as a theatre of vocal and instrumental gestures. The Spanish clown dismisses him sequwnza starts to play. Eleven video clips of Grock in performance.


Grock performed for some of Europe ‘s royalty. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

These ironic dualities allow great art to oscillate and resonate with endless symbolic meanings. All in seqienza same leap he also manages to cross his legs. His performances have been preserved on film. He has white gloves on that accentuate his huge hands. The gestures delineate the phrases of the music in such a delightful way.

The contortions of blithe satisfaction and grimaces of relief counter the smooth, emotional control of the soloist. His arm and leg movements are akin to modern day hiphop but with the oversize shoes appearing to make his feet twist at the ankles to a ridiculous degree. Music can also be perfectly shaped in a way that reveals a form of iconic imagery.

Watch in all of these clips, how Grock reveals these ironic dualities, and how they lend his work such profundity. If you have already looked at the videos, all the better.

This powerful performance had a lasting impact on Berio and he later said of it, “I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and I wanted to do both” Berio Once more he bumps the soloist and this time is scolded. When Grock bumps against the guitar player, he is actually executing precisely timed cues that create the perfect rhythm of the skit.

Sequenza V (author’s note) | Centro Studi Luciano Berio – Luciano Berio’s Official Website

In addition, the trombonist mimes and must at one point turn to the audience and ask, “Why? Music is a form of thinking and being. Sequenza V Year of composition: He futilely tries to improve his appearance by sharpening the crease on his trousers. During that performance, just once, he suddenly stopped and, staring at the audience, he asked: He is the embodiment of the joy of performing.


You could hear music when Louis Armstrong laughed, or spoke, or even when he just walked on stage. The musical timing that can be seen in human interactions, and structural phenomena like The Law of Three, illustrate how fundamental aspects of music shape the very nature of our existence.

The musician must consider how the perfect timing and form of a phrase and piece is shaped.

Sequenza V (author’s note)

Then he exits with his characteristic clown dance and a smile. He begins to sing with intense enthusiasm but badly. Sequenza V author’s note Sequenza V for trombone Sequenza V for trombone can be considered as an essay in the superimposition of musical gestures and actions:

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