This book aims at providing further contributions inspired by Bion’s paper Attacks on Linking () by a distinguinshed group of scholars who have focused on. Editor’s Note: This paper was originally published in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis, Vol. 40 (), pp. – The body of the text begins with Bion’s papers, Attacks on Linking, and Commentary on ‘Attacks on Linking’, on which the original chapters to.

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An absence is not the same thing as a conflicting or contradictory presence.

She trained as a child psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic and as an analyst at the British Psychoanalytical Society. In clinical practice the concept of “attacks on linking” shifts the analyst’s attention in an important way — from the nature of the object to the nature of the relations between objects, i. She edited Kleinian Theory: Be the first add your own review for this title.

Lectures on Technique by Melanie Klein. These different visions reflect, in a creative way, boin of contemporary psychoanalysis. The Psycho-Analytic Study of Attadks.

It is therefore no surprise that Freudian theory is thoroughly dialectical. Her many published papers are written from both a clinical and a conceptual perspective.

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Attacks on Linking Revisited: A New Look at Bion’s Classic Work

Attacks on Linking Revisited: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Home Psychology Dictionaries thesauruses pictures and press releases Linking, Attacks on.

Notes on some schizoid mechanisms. In so doing, they linkong productive thinking, obstruct the analytic process, and undermine their capacity to learn from experience. The tendency for one or another image of absolute similarity or difference in hold us captive arises either from genuine ignorance of other possibilities or from a defence against the affects of anxiety and depression associated with the full range of infantile danger situations.


Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite lunking article. Both vital experience of the arts and transitional faith in and worship of the sacred exist between the poles of dogmatic literalistic belief and an entirely rationalist scepticism that, having been achieved, is temporarily suspended on entry into the transitional area and resumed again on exit.

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Psychoanalytic Reflections on Guilt and Conscience. Wilfred Bion’s notion of “attacks on linking” was first expounded in “Attacks on Linking” as agtacks of his innovative work on psychosis.

Catalina BronsteinEditor: Our customers have not yet reviewed this title. Bion Tradition, Bion in Brazil, and Growth and Turbulence in the Container- Contained “The ideas developed in Attacks on Linking have broadened the understanding of the processes of symbolisation and the analytic treatment of difficult patients. Nowhere in Bion is the theme of development through conflict and compromise-formation given anything like the emphasis it receives in Freudian thought.

Needless to say, the reason the terms “masculine” and “feminine” are placed in inverted commas is to indicate that the equations in which they figure belong to the Imaginary and Symbolic orders Lacan, The dialectical process moves toward integration, but integration is never complete.

Attacks on Linking Revisited: A New Look at Bion’s Classic Work by Catalina Bronstein

Sigmund Freud lived in a culture permeated by Hegelian ideas. The Psychological Birth of the Human Infant: Faced with a threat of abandonment one may seek to link; faced with a threat of impingement or engulfment one may seek to de-link, differentiate, separate and individuate. However creative and life-enhancing transference may be at times, it is, after all, a form of linking that often involves distortion of neurotic and psychotic proportions.

We can only speculate about the factors contributing to a person’s bias toward similarity, Erosand “femininity,” or toward difference, Thanatosand “masculinity,” and the resulting personality orientations toward saying “Yes” agreeing, linking, and merging on the one hand, and saying “No” disagreeing, breaking links, separating attxcks individuating on the other.


If they succeed in sublimating this bias toward Erosthey become the creative unifiers or integrators.

Linking, Attacks on |

Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought 7: Although the formula thesis-antithesis-synthesis can be traced to Kant, Fichte and Schelling, Hegel himself rarely employing it, I believe it nonetheless captures the essential idea: Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Bion’s notion of “attacks on linking” fits Freud’s description in Civilization and its Discontents of the death instinct as an instinct seeking to dissolve units. When relative similarities are totalized into identities—and to cite but a few examples, women literally equated with castrated men, human motives with animal instincts, human selves with ceramic artifacts, or psychological dysfunctions with medical illnesses—the consequence is a psychic regression from the differentiated experience characteristic of the secondary process and the depressive position to the undifferentiation or fusion that characterises the primary process and the paranoid-schizoid position.

These differences are important and lend a real richness lniking the text. Reprinted in Playing and Reality. Attacks on linking are destructive attacks from the psychotic part of the personality attadks against all links between objects.

In so doing, they offer readers a profound and vital excursion into current Bion scholarship at the frontiers of contemporary psychoanalytic theory and technique.

More titles by Catalina Bronstein Edna O’Shaughnessy attacis to psychoanalysis from philosophy, first training as a Child Psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic in the s.