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Hydrolysis of salts whose bases are weak and acids are strong and calculations of pHs, calculations of pHs of salts whose acids and bases are strong. Soil faunas, Protozoa, Metazoans, living conditions of soil organisms, number of soil organisms and distributions.

Teaching isolation of mycorrhiza and methods of mycorrhiza production 1.

bitki besleme pdf reader

Learn the relationships between microorganisms and plants 3. Issues needed for paying attention during usage of laboratory apparatus and equipment. Teaching Gesleme 2endo-and ecto-enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity 1. Mamedov and Raymond Chollet.

Mark Jones, Vadim Mett et al. Bacterial infection and nodule formation in the roots of leguminous. FEBS Letters Students able to do enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity. Will learn about the symbiotic derrs of soil microorganisms 2.

The Plant Journal General information about the lives of symbiotic microorganisms. Green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii possess endogenous sialylated N-glycans.

At the end of the this course; students will learn 1. Having ability to work at laboratory Able to preparation of solutions at desired concentrations Learning about the properties of solutions and having knowledge about end products of their reactions. Humification, biological activity of soils, organic parent materials and its revolution. Tarlan Mamedov and Kensaku Suzuki.


Physical, chemical and biological aspects of being recognized. Analysis of soil where soil microorganisms live bbitki, Classification of soil microorganisms and living conditions, feeding patterns of microorganisms, The relationships between microorganisms, Analysis of bacteria-legume symbiotic system, lichens, mycorrhizae-plant symbiotic system, Evaluation symbiotic live systems in terms of soil and plant.

Human vaccine,7, — The effects of mycorrhiza on the uptake of plant nutrients and teaching the effects of mycorrhiza on the quality of plant products 3.

Students will gain skills for working in laboratory 2. The effects of mycorrhiza on the uptake of plant nutrients and teaching the effects of mycorrhiza on the quality of plant products notlwr.

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Students can be inoculate isolated mycorrhizae to plants. The effects of mycorrhiza on the uptake of plant nutrients and teaching the effects of mycorrhiza on the quality of plant products 1.

Calculations of pH bitii diluted acid solutions, calculations of pH of strong acid solutions, the calculation of pHs diluted solutions of weak acids. Teaching the electrical conductivity as one of the parameters used in the classification of water. Definition of dres, the isolation and duplication, the impact of crop production, types of mycorrhiza, the factors that influence the formation, on the effects of nutrients uptake, determination vers effects over the quality of plant products.

Ionization of energy, Electron affinity, energy of bond, Ionic bonds, covalent bonds, Electro-covalent bonds, coordinate-covalent bonds, hydrogen bonds, metalical bonds.


Prof. Dr. Tarlan Mammedov | Ziraat Fakültesi

Classification of bacteria used in nitrogen fixation. The aim bitku this course; The main source of vegetable farming and physically with the formation of the earth, the environment and to promote chemical and biological properties.

Types of microorganismal feeding, the relationship of microorganisms with soil environment. Counting methods in microbiology. Students able to carry out chemical analysis.

MamedovEric R. Titrations of acids and bases, determinations of amounts of acids and bases used in titrations. Help students gain laboratory experiment, teach how to prepare solutions and use them.

Activity of soil organisms, the role of edephone on the development of soils, the role of microorganisms and fauna on decomposition of soil organic matter. Padhye, Hendrik Viljoen and Anu Subramanian Rational de novo gene synthesis by rapid polymerase chain assembly PCA and expression of endothelial protein-C and thrombin receptor genes. besleeme

EGE UNIVERSITY Lifelong Learning Programme

Teaching CO 2endo-and ecto-enzyme analysis for determination of biological activity 2. Classification of soil organisms and the conditions of their habitats, soil biological activity, classification of humic substances and their properties, importance of organic matter in soil, nutritional type of microorganisms, relational effects of microorganisms, biological equilibrium, microbiological counting methods in soils.

Gene synthesis by integrated polymerase chain assembly and PCR amplification using a high-speed thermocycler. Methods of soil analysis.

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