Blueback has ratings and reviews. Suzanne said: A simple yet very sincere telling of a boys life attached to the ocean from babyhood to adultho. I fell in love with Tim Winton when I read That Eye the Sky many years ago, he’s written quite a few kids’ books too, the finest being Blueback. Buy Blueback from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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His descrip Blueback is one of those beautiful cross over books written fro children, but with wwinton much to offer adults as well. Jan 02, Kerri Green rated it liked it.

Blueback by Tim Winton – Penguin Books Australia

Thea A boy named Abel, his mother, Dora, and a Groper named Blueback are the main protagonists of this story. Blueback details the life of Abel Jackson, who lives with his mother Dora in a traditional house in Longboat Bay. Blueback is a great novel, it’s an easy read and I recommend it to all ages.

They’ll have to beat some really good teams, plus landmines, pirates, storms and assassins. Nov 20, Ashley rated it it was ok. An American coming-of-age classic, a story of friendship and social prejudice among a gang of friends.

But even in his seedy flat, ducking the neighbours, he’s not safe from entanglement.

Lists with This Book. I’ve been everywhere, I’ve studied, I’ve given lectures, become a bigshot. Across the swamp, his neighbour Ronnie watches her lover leave and feels her baby roll inside her. I love it more with each wintonn.

Review: Blueback by Tim Winton ยท

It’s a tale about the sea, and Abel’s and Dora’s love for the sea, and how it permeates their lives. I found this book dull, un-interesting and incredibly boring. Beautifully crafted, and as tender as they are bluebacck, these elegiac stories examine the darkness and frailty of ordinary people and celebrate the moments when the light shines through. He can’t remember a time when he couldn’t use a mask and snorkel to glide down into the clear deep. National Library of Australia.


Blueback: A Contemporary Fable

Winton has a really strong connection with the sea and surf culture and he has a great respect for it, and I think that’s evident in this This is a little fable by Tim Winton, and even though I really don’t like Tim Winton, or his writing style, I liked this book.

In the Winter Dark By: Tim Winton is determined to convince us of the preciousness of our oceans not through lectures but through his characters’ steady wonder. Not everyone around them agrees and so saving the sea and all its creatures becomes a lifelong battle for the two.

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre. After this I am left thinking he is a wise storyteller. So when the battle begins on the beaches outside the town, and when Queenie Cookson, a local girl, joins the Greenies to make amends for the crimes of her whaling ancestors, it can only throw everything into chaos.

Blueback (novel)

Life is tough out at Longboat Bay. It is a very touching story that is set in a Coastal town in Australia, called Longboat Bay. Bridget wants a quiet life, including, if possible, keeping her parents out of prison. Your subscription to Tkm More was successful.

Also by Tim Winton. I loved this dearly and know the world of Abel, Dora and Blueback will stick with me for a long time.

Now, for the first time, Auggie is being sent to a real school – and he’s dreading it. Retrieved from ” https: Leached of bluback confidence, Georgie has lost her way; she barely recognizes herself.


A pretty bland read- even for year 5’s- which I guess is the target audience. Una fiaba davvero per tutti, per leggere qualcosa di leggero ma, allo stesso tempo, per riflettere sulla natura, sulla famiglia e la vita. A few times during the course of the book, Winton dangles cliched plot-lines in front of the reader. He decides to go nlueback university to learn about the mysteries of the seas For 20 years they bluegack and rankle, laugh and curse until the roof over their heads becomes a home for their hearts.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. The play then returned to Fremantle inand performed at the Mandurah Performing Arts Theatre inbefore returning to Fremantle again in They live sustainably from nature and eschew material things His second book, Shallows, won the Miles Franklin Award in Winton is always at his best when there’s water involved. It dinton now and I have just reread this gem for the blyeback time. On the surface it’s the story about a boy and a fish, while deeper down it’s about respect for our environment, the importance of keeping what matters in sight and the love of family.

Tim Winton tells another story based on the ocean, a riddle of nature versus human spoiling, in his calm and steady manner. I have just handed the paper version to reading friend and had to read it again before it left.

That’s how she knows it. Views Bluebacm Edit View history. Doris Pilkington Narrated by:

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