Buy Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Professional Metal Detector, LED Display . Browse our latest cable-metal-stud-detectors offers. Free Next Day Delivery. manual// Just make sure you get the professional blue model (DMF 10 zoom) not the similar looking.

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Dans certaines conditions par ex. When an object is indicated at the same location in this function, then it is clearly a metal object and not a wooden object.

Once you have found the limits or the centre of an object, simply mark the sought after location through the marking opening 2.

Batteries no longer suitable for use can be directly returned at: If none of the measuring tool buttons are pressed for approx. If this file was helpful.

When the measuring tool comes close to a metal object, then the amplitude of the measuring indicator f increases; when it moves away from the object, the amplitude decreases. Operating Modes The measuring tool detects objects below the sensor area 9.

Discussion in ‘ Electrical Forum ‘ started by MurdochOct 19, TPESOct 6, En caso de no activarse ninguna tecla del aparato de medida durante aprox.

Lagern und transportieren Sie das Messwerkzeug nur in der mitgelieferten Schutztasche. In this case, send in the measuring tool to an authorised Bosch after-sales service agent.


B If the measuring tool is not used for a long period of time, the battery must be removed. Spare Parts Protective case. When the calibration process was successful, the boshc tool will start over after a few seconds and is then ready for operation. Verlief die Kalibrierung erfolgreich, dann startet das Messwerkzeug nach einigen Sekunden neu und ist wieder betriebsbereit. For this, remove the pencil 11 from the measuring tool and carry out the scan as usual.

Observe only the “Zoom” measuring indicator e for the scan. Position the measuring tool onto the surface being scanned.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 11

PDF Click to preview. Store and transport the measuring tool only in the supplied protective case. Despliegue y mantenga abierta la solapa con la imagen del aparato de medida mientras lee las instrucciones de manejo. Insert the supplied battery.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Manuals

Observe only the zoom measuring indicator e for the scan. Yes, my password is: When the battery indication k and the illuminated ring 1 red are flashing, measuring is no longer possible and the battery or the rechargeable battery respectively, must be replaced.

Intended Use The measuring tool is intended for the detection bosvh metals ferrous and non-ferrous metals, e. These ranges can be recognised in the metal detection function.


In this case, always use the “Zoom” function for the scan. In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always include the digit article number given on the type plate of the measuring tool. Replace the felt pads when they are damaged or used.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Manuals

Wipe away debris or contamination with a dry, soft cloth. Then release both buttons. This site uses cookies.

Si l’on n’appuie sur aucune touche sur l’appareil de mesure pendant env. Plus it will be high on the “tealeaf’s” target list.

When a wooden object is detected, an amplitude is displayed in the measuring indicator f. El indicador de medida zoom e no se activa al detectar objetos de madera.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page 11 of )

This seems no better than the cheap ones that don’t work Nehmen Sie dazu den Bleistift 11 dmv dem Messwerkzeug und messen Sie wie gewohnt. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Betriebsarten Das Messwerkzeug detektiert Objekte unterhalb des Sensorbereiches 9.

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