LOGOBR publica com exclusividade na internet o brandbook (manual de marca) da Nike Football para o ano de Aula de consistência de aplicação de. Brand guidelines / Committee for Auckland Brand Identity by Everything Design; a Branding & Graphic Design Company Auckland New Zealand. Everything. A brand book lies at the heart of every strong company, and often reveals Nike Football’s brand book show’s an intense, powerful attitude.

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Ever wondered how Twitter features its brand and online assets across their online platform? For more insights, check it out here. Check out their style guide here. Simply post a project today and recieve bids from freelance designers in seconds. Take a look through the platform-agnostic CSS framework and download their guide here! The same logic applies to brands: The guide features an impressive array of their well known blue and white logo designs, colour palettes and swatches.

Android As one of the most sophisticated smartphone operating systems on the market, Android does a fantastic job of branding themselves as a prominent leader in the industry. This is a great exercise that gets multiple people at a company involved and helps to create buy-in.

It also tells everyone exactly how to communicate your brand.

I am a new user I am a returning user. Dyson This is a very colourful style guide that is easy to use and understand for all to read. A seasoned designer can guide you through this process.


The guide sheds some light on the nikee, most effective way to integrate the Facebook brand and posts into any broadcast. This Spotify guide is edgy and fun! It has plenty of charts and grids for your convenience and understanding.

The guide walks through the types of design logos available footbakl embroidered patches and various graphic standards. There’s a focus on the use of colour and font with a variety of pictures to demonstrate the look and feel of the brand.

Pepsi Visually stimulating, the style guide of Pepsi is very straight forward.

How to create a brand style guide

They really leave no room for error with such clear do’s and don’ts. Take a look via the Nike website here! They use a simple font and easy to understand table of contents that is uncomplicated and hassle free!

The manual itself is well presented and gives succinct guidelines on their inline block based grid lines and float based grid lines. Using one ensures that your brand looks and feels the same, even when you have different people working on customer service, marketing, design and sales. While some style guides are as thick as a novel, others are a simple one-page reference.

There are plenty of images to demonstrate the look that they are after and an emphasis on grammar and writing styles. To top it all off, the Yelp style guide also focuses on grammar and font.


The Disqus style guide has plenty of examples of colour and icons! SalesForce Do you know the basics of setting up your very own style guide?

Manuales de identidad y Brand Guidelines en PDF – Nice Fucking Graphics!

With a custom font, the Asana guide sure does a great job at capturing your attention! For some colourful ideas, check it out here. It covers plenty of ground and is easy to read – a bonus! This article will address three of the most common problems encountered by freelancers and what to do to solve them or, ideally, avoid them altogethe.

With a video that gives a brief introduction to the company’s mission, and the hrandbook camera image as their logo, Instagram does a fantastic job of conveying their strict branding rules, in an easy-to-digest manner. This style guide of Commonwealth Bank uses plenty of pictures in the trademark black, white and yellow to demonstrate their branding style.

Their colourful badges and iconography really sets them apart in the market and is a great starting point for any style guide enthusiast.

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