You can find the manual for your Bremshey Cross Trainer below. Bremshey Orbit Ambition Cross Trainer · Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer · Bremshey. Check the reed sensor also known as the speed sensor. It is located on the front roller pulley. It is mounted to the frame and looks like a small. 18TSFC_Star Fit C HR i-Plus Crosstrainer_OMpdf . _Bremshey Orbit Ambition C_User Manual. pdf. MB.

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If there is a presence of lateral fluctuation during rotation this plue cause belt misalignment and lead to noise problems. However, great care should be taken with small adjustments and testing in order to avoid unstable resistance control. From the drive belt side, slide the flywheel off of the axle. Re-connect the power supply wire to tension motor.

Bremshey Orbit Control Cross Trainer

If not above — it will be necessary to investigate internally. Try new Battery in HR belt 2. Screw the lower adjusting bolt until a satisfactory tension is achieved. Move the plug, is power intermittent?

If you wish to remove the vertical tensioning bar then unscrew and remove the upper and plsu locking bolts completely and the bar can be removed. Clothing — Performance clothing made of polyester has seen a huge increase in popularity. The primary intention of this Service Manual is to enhance the reader’s knowledge of the structures of the Tunturi bike ergometers E30, E40, E45, E60, E80 and E85 and Tunturi fitness bike F30 autumn onwards. After heating, the bearings can be removed with a puller e.


Then the outer nut should be tightened llus that the joint is correctly adjusted. Neither memory has valid parameters 1. Owing to specification variations orhit of the information is generalised to cover the complete range. Separating drum cover and cross frame assemblies A standard Shimano style crank puller and adaptor oribt be required.

The software will use the brrmshey parameters read from the EEPROM and use them to control the electromagnetic brake without notifying anything to user. The surest way to eliminate shocks is to physically ground the user to the machine using a device such as an anti-static wrist strap. Resistance Mechanisms There are 3 types of brake control used. Always when servicing fitness equipment be sure that the power has been switch off and the mains cable is plugged off. Resistance Flywheel assembly The resistance flywheel rotates on a fixed axle using 2 sealed bearings held in place by an internal circlip on the drive belt side and a nylok nut on the other.

“service manual” |

The user interface has been replaced with a new spare part. The software will oribt the parameters from the EEPROM for controlling the electromagnetic brake and store them also to the user interface memory. The software compares ratio of supplied PWM voltage and current and if required amount of current remains too low compared to what it is supposed to be, the error will appear.

Remove Safety Key from position before exceeding range. Details of the extractor adaptor tool The adaptor can be made by cutting a piece of 8 x 1.

Notice that in case of a fault or a malfunction, the component or unit of components in question, and especially the electronic components, orhit not to be repaired, instead they must be replaced with a new component.


Defective lower board a. First remove maunal servo-motor brake cable a from the flywheel brake mechanism. TV and mobile phone, and electric network can generate interference.

Un-screw the 4 mounting screws to remove old tension motor. Unplug the electrical cord from the wall outlet and from the treadmill, wait 1 minute a nd turn the power switch on again. Drum cover and cross frame assembly 1.

Manual – Bremshey Orbit Fit (b) Cross Trainer

To unfold the treadmill, hold the handle bar firmly with the left hand, opposite if left-handed using your right hand, grasp the upper bar of the bed frame and push in towards the face of the console, step on the locking lever to lift it clear of the locking bar and then pull the bed forward toward you.

It is a good idea to count the bermshey of turns as this will help pluss the roller is retensioned. Depending on orbiy model concerned there may be more than one cover to remove.

Continue to rotate the drum whilst forcing the belt to remain in place with your hand. Push the flywheel slider c down with a screwdriver and the release the outer cable sleeve d from the servo-motor securing point.

The inner nut of the pair should be fully tightened first.

See diagram 16 below Warning!

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