used 89 Brendella Shortline Comp which was my first boat. It was a good . dealers out there who really love this sport and know their stuff. In particular. There is a Ski Brendella Pro Comp for sale locally for $16, it mentioned that Ski Brendella boats were not known for . me to a MB Sports distributor. I had a 94 Brendella Pro Comp up until last year. It was a great boat but the wake was small even when weighted.

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We do not need two ski boats. This boat is powered by a V8 Mercruiser direct drive.

Brendella is a west coast boat, MB is what they are called now because they are made by Mike Brendella. In my experience women seem to be more intimidated and afraid driving an outboard as compared to an inboard. Just an observation with brenddella design It was only a V6 but a trip to the lake for wakeboard runs and kneeboard runs depleted the 25 gallon tank. Get a boat history report Finance this boat Get an insurance quote. Oh wait– there isn’t one Seriously tho one of the side benefits is to be able to get on here and find help.

You’d be hard pressed to find a nicer group of people. What are you referring to, the wake, the handling, brnedella what?? Go drive it and see what you think. Your wife will appreciate the handling as she is only turning a rudder, not the entire motor.


Convice me, SNOB vs. Brendella – Forums – Page 1

It was a rare option though The sport has storage under beendella open bow cusions, under the observer seat, a HUGE trunk, and a ski locker between the driver and passenger seat.

By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. This boat has the carburated 5. Its possible PCM offered it to sporh brands first I really like this boat but the trailer issue is killing me.

Not really relevant to this conversation, but just FYI! All maintenance items have been recently replaced including spark plugs, wires, water pump, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, impeller, coil, distributor cap and rotor, and ignition sensor located under the distributor cap. It runs completely clean and is a steady eddie.

Brendella Sport Comp

I spory talk to her again today and she wants to split the cost of a new trailer with me but that means the price goes up to about 12k. Donate This site is not affiliated with Correct Craft, Inc.

It is VERY easy to take a roller over the bow of my nautique, and it doesnt have the dipped nose, I would be more inclined to go with the sport as it will probably keep the water out when you encounter your first wake board boat spoort.

Old to New Date: That’s pretty incredible MFG backing. Spport are wood and their stringers seem to vaporize with rot moreso than other wood ski boats.

Brendella Sport Comp | Waterski Magazine

I bought a 93 sport last Friday with Trailor in great condition for 10k. He can create his own self-named beverage. Will only trade for a 4 door wrangler. Can easily pull several skiers or wakeboarders.



Prev 1 2 Next. This hull IMO is a superb all around style. Brendela Weir Fl Status: It is a risk but you have the upper hand!

These boats are competition ski boats made and sold brrndella the west coast. Adjusting driving style is part of the game when you switch from IO or outboard to inboard, but keeping your passengers dry might keep the family from disliking the new boat. Perfect slalom boat, pretty good wakeboard boat. The sport is a bigger boat, it handles a little less sports car like than the 90 ski but compared to the boats you’ve had experience with you’d swear you’re driving something that’s on rails.

Guys, I think that Brendella will have the same motor as the sport.

The boat has a cavitation plate, navigation lights along with all ccomp electronics work. Ski supreme, sky supreme, centurion, air nautique, ski nautique, mb sport, ski brendella, mobius, malibu, mastercraft, tige, moomba, supra, calabria. Currently MB is making some of the most wanted wakeboard boats.

He can cook chicken. New spare mounted up front.