Caffenol Recipes that are proven to work can be found here. If not stated differently, the temperature of the solution should be 20 degrees Celsius or 68 degrees. six, almost seven years ago i was given a recipe for caffenol c film developer by a friend whitey. i met whitey over on , one of the 3 or. just incase there are any interested parties on site interested in the caffenol ( coffee) method of developing b&w film. (yes i said film) the cookbook is an.

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With my humble skills of chemistry I instantly brewed a usable soup, a bit “thicker” than a known “standard” recipe.

Time to order more film I will teach a 2 days caffenol workshop from Most people do Soda first, add Vitamin C, coffee last. I like this green tone, but if i want the famous copper tone what to do? From which country are you from? Why do you want to have a dev time that long?

Caffenol: The Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

Jake, Washing Soda is Sodium carbonate, you can usually get it in any drug store. When Cookboook first heard about developing film with coffee I thought something like: Posted August 24, at Perfect My student said she has seen sodium carbonate at the drugstore. Thanx in advance for all your oppinions.


A work in progress. Hello readers, I know it was pretty quiet last year here on the blog. Also, what were the specific ingredients you were using?

Posted March 29, at Any recommendations on what instant coffee to get in the US california it seems every time I look everything is arabica or not labeled if its arabica or robusta. Feel free to ask cafffnol, add people and share this community.

First try with Caffenol and not developed a film in about 35years. I would always add soda first. Then I put everything together and add the Vitamin C.

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible

Let solution stand for about 5 minutes to clear microbubbles. Washing Soda is Sodium carbonate, you can usually get it in any drug store. Homemade cardboard box pinhole camera From my homemade cardboard box pinhole camera: Posted August 17, at 3: But – the salt cystallized under water on the paper and damaged it.

Posted February 1, at 7: Posted January 24, at 3: They are look green after. Du musst den Kommentar auf Pop-Up umstellen.

Caffenol Cookbook and Bible – Figital Revolution

Agitate once per second for the first minute Agitate for 10 seconds caffemol minute for 9 miutes Stand development for another 4 minutes. Posted June 3, at November 26, The Caffenol Cookbook and Bible. Posted February 26, at 4: Agitate slowly for the first minute. At least for the medium fast ASA films. You like it more this way?


You can make washing soda out of baking soda: Cafcenol turned out to be so good that there was no real need for further experiments.

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The book is under constant development, so you will find quite some things that change from time to time — visit to visit. Translate Show original text.

For washing film, I use something like this: Yvonne, If it is high contrast microfilm, I would say it is OK to not agitate, as agitation increases contrast and most microfilms are high contrast films. Posted May 29, at 1: The results are good? And no, the book is not sold for money to caaffenol us rich, it’s available for everyone online and totally free by Community Spirit Publications.

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