Seventeen-year-old Kia barely survived her parents’ divorce several years ago. Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with. Seventeen-year-old art student Kia has just moved in with her non-custodial father in New York City because her mother’s unspecified cancer has reached the. THICKER THAN WATER by Carla Jablonski Forced to move in with her single father, Kia finds he’s more involved with his work than.

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In regards to the vampire lifestyler side: Seventeen year old Kia seeks an escape from her life in the dark clubs of New York City. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. As a story in all it was pretty good.

THICKER THAN WATER by Carla Jablonski | Kirkus Reviews

Real vampires don’t exist. And though it was kinda his whole life “buisiness”, what is the point of pretending to be a fricking vampire?!?! Apr 07, Michelle. A former trapeze artist, an actor, and a singer, she lives in NYC. And she wants him to know that he can confide in her and admit that he is a vampire.

He’s so NOT a vampire; he’s just a regular guy hanging out in da clubz. I was disappointed in the sudden twist the story takes. It kind of ruined it for me but that doesn’t change what I felt about this book.

Unlike some of the readers on here I don’t see Kia as a lunatic actually I can relate to her. Not only was this book a misuse of most pagan elements, but it offers vampires and just chucks teenagers playing pretend, it offers witchcraft and then spits on it, it goes all over the place and was not a fun read.


The characters are unlikable people Well, thanks to someone’s review I read, which was not marked with a spoiler alert but spoiled the book anyways, I already pretty much knew where the story was going. Then again, she was kind of a lunatic, which wasn’t really apparent until the end, and even jablonsski only because of drastic actions, not thoughts or feelings.

To be honest i didnt jablonsski this book at al it was sorta wierd and with the vamp thing.

Kia is both a likeable and an unlikeable character. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the book was amazing, but the ending kind of fell flat. It was dark and a little twisted, but in the end I had felt myself feeling just all sorts of ways. Thicker Than Water was a very interesting dive into the world of a vampire thicked. So I’m doing this 4 stars not 5 since I started reading this book because I thought it was a gothic fantasy. The vampire scenery plot was also interesting and completely new from anything I have read before.

And also, can I tell you that Kia is goth? It gets somethings right about goth and vampire lifestylers but lots is woefully inaccurate. The book is kinda slow in the beginning but when it is half-way through, it starts getting good. Kia’s life is not a fairy tale. Jun 11, Aleah rated it liked it. It’s not like her dad has any idea what’s going on in her life, since he’s always on business trips.

Thicker Than Water

I’ve read books before where the vampires are fake, but this one really put me off for some reason. But truly, the goth is important here. Maybe that was what the author carl aiming for.


Because I fell for it. Highschool read and I loved it more than I possibly should. I guess it would mean more to someone who’s gone through that problem, but I personally find it to be very whiny jablonsi teen angst ridden.

This book was quite good and seemed promising, with the vampire plot detailed and the characters very interesting.

Thicker than Water by Carla Jablonski – Reading Bites

Firstly this book might as well be a sorta non fiction book. She also has another career and identity! Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with her workaholic father, leaving her searching for an escape from the everyday horrors of her life.

Over all it was an enjoyable read with a bad ending. This was freaking awesome! She has written books that tie into TV shows such as Charmed and Wishbone as well as cqrla series. If this had been set in a university it would h Firstly this book might as well be a sorta non carpa book. Whenever I would feel alone, I would skim through the pages and instantly feel relieved to know I was jablonsi. Damon is very important and respected member of this vampire world, and just knowing that he’s chosen Kia, singled her out as his own, gives Kia a rush.

I picked up the hardback version in my school library about a day ago. A cutter, Kia fits right in.

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