Center Axis Relock (CAR) is a shooting system primarily intended for close quarters battle invented by Paul Castle. The CAR system features a bladed stance. Can Center Axis Relock Make you Faster, Safer and More Accurate? The C.A.R. system of gunfighting. Having only heard of it tonight, and with no practical. Center axis relock is a versatile shooting system which provides a stable a grip on the firearm using the Center Axis Relock (CAR) system.

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But, I have observed in my small sample that there is not widespread use in civilian sectors now, primarily I guess because folks are not that familiar with it, have not practiced regularly with it, nor used it in street deadly-force encounters. Just a few years ago, I began successfully using the bladed Modified or Modern Isosceles position and the two-thumbs-pointed-down-range straight thumbs grip.

For that, the CAR system is incredibly effective. Last Shot The Center Axis Relock system is not a common shooting technique used by us normal folks but may have been popularized by Hollywood, but it is way more than just filmic flim-flam.

It crnter used for working within confined spaces, from cover, and while moving. Major benefits also includes quick transition to all directions, mobility and smaller presentation of the body while going around corners or room entry situations. By the way, C.

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

Each person might have their preferred stance while shooting, but it’s definitely a plus if one could have an idea about most ‘effective’ shooting stances as they could be used for different situations.

The thumbs can be placed anywhere, as long as their placement does not interfere with the workings of the gun.


This reduction is achieved through the use of either of two main stances, and by “locking” the muscles and bones of the arms which is accomplished by slightly canting the gun hand.

The shotgun sequence in particular, though brief, is very dramatic.

Center Axis Relock: Is John Wick Right or Wrong? – Pew Pew Tactical

Be sure to check out this article from GunsAmerica writer Wayne Lincourt that goes over the fine details of drawing into the CAR system.

The support hand then moves up be careful to never sweep the muzzle over your support hand and meets the strong gun-holding hand from beneath. This method is another major difference when compared to other stances and grips.

This was a great write up on the C. This is like a high-ready position, but it is really a high-shoot position that helps to make it difficult for another to take your gun away.

This is what we show you and train you how to do effectively and safely and accurately. It is a flexible and strong base for using both short and long-range weapons, like handgun, rifle, shotgun, baton, pepper spray, etc.

This offers a rwlock target for your attacker. It has superior advantages and very few if any disadvantages. In both of these styles, your arms are either nearly extended or fully extended and many instructors teach shooters to close or partially close one eye to improve sight and target acquisition.

I also like it for contact-distance encounters with a single attacker reloxk it provides good axiis retention and the ability to quickly place multiple shots on target. But when combined with the C. Let us know below!

CAR changed the way I shoot. From the Combat High position 4you can very easily transition your gun from one hand to the other by rotating your hands degrees and adjusting your grip to the off hand. This is a real-world technique, developed by a professional with over two decades of military and LEO experience. Shooting from the Seated Position. The Center Axis Relock addresses these issues in two ways.


I go to the range, on average, 10 times a year. Form a triangle with the arms and chest for natural aiming. This article is a report of how the C. I did not use the system in an actual self-defense encounter, so your mileage may vary realistically, and you must practice this before you use it in combat.

That is due to the increase in the heart rate, and the activation of the instinctive Fight or Flight response, both of axia happen in such situations.

I truly believe the CAR system is something every defensive-minded shooter should learn. In an armed encounter, moving off the line between you and your attacker could also help you survive.

In a contact situation, strikes with the elbows and the gun can be made, or the gun can be fired. There are drawbacks to Center Axis Relock. The systems we have been taught isosceles and weaverare fairly effective in a range environment, but, have been proven IN BLOOD to be wholly ineffective in real gunfights.

The bonus is how fast and easily I can execute a combat or tactical reload. I sincerely believe this system has great promise for tactical, combat situations for those who are thoroughly trained and experienced relick it.

Support elbow is bent and pointed toward the ground. The CAR system has so many merits and is based on harmonious body movement and bone and barrel alignment.