Does it measure up to the Mackie name? Available in 12–, 16– and 20–channel versions, the Mackie CFX MkII mixer is primarily designed for use in small to. Find great deals for Mackie CFX12 12 Channel Compact Integrated Live Sound Mixer. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Mackie Cfx12 MK II – Sound Mixer. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Ok–I put 10, but really I do not know–I haven’t needed to call them. Only complaint is really directed routing sound, which can be a bit boring in homestudio use but not really a problem.

Featured effects include reverb, delay, chorus, flange, phase and more. I got what I expected; I got what I wanted with this mixer.

Extra Utility Outputs with their own level control post-Main Fader Long-wearing 60mm logarithmic taper faders give you smooth, linear control throughout the fader’s entire travel Solid steel chassis is punched bent and painted by gigantic automated machines supervised by medium-sized, non-automated Mackoids On the back: See any errors on this page?

If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at and I would add for those who cry “bastard you got no right to say to a mackie” I use mostly the stuff Mackie SRM swa etc.

I read on the previous opinion that they were “inaudible” but I cfx112 the guy could ,ackie use the table becaufe you can adjust the effect return safely. Rack-Console channel analog Connectors XLR-jack or for instruments and effects Parametric Equalizer- Section-integrated internal effects of quality, ability to attach two external effects processors Mixer used for a year crx12 a half, good value for money on every track, setting medium acute severe effects, volume in the right and left back, low-cut filter.

They spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting a graphic EQ section. You’ve now maximized headroom and minimized noise for the channel in a matter of seconds Subgroup buses “collect” channel signals assigned to them so you can submix vocals, drums, nose flute quartets, etc.


Channels 1 through 8 are mono and 9 through 12 are stereo paired. Buy it, try it, like it, or return it to us cf12 a full refund. The big advantages that have guided my choice to the console: I am looking forward to the years of great experience with this one.

Product Description The new CFX Series are the first “effects” mixers that meet Greg Mackie’s stringent standards for sound quality, low noise and high headroom. This includes heavy and oversized items.

Mackie Cfx12 MK II – Sound Mixer | eBay

I use this mixer for over four years to sound with my group, it avcu in full sun on the beach in the cold, some moist, she suffers shock for some transport and yet a slice that cracks, not a single problem report is a War Tank!

A table that is 2 years old, which was released peuttre 70 times and always in good conditions moving from room 20 to a local 20, no shocks, no reversal of cans, etc. Inserts on channels 1 through 8 are also provided. So no opinion on the quality of sound. Hard to beat the Mackie name. Use it with us – we’ll beat those prices, too! Purchase of AF. This mixer has 4 more channels than I see myself needing for the present time, but the FX loop on this product and the room to expand warrented my not buying an 8 channel mixer, and spending a bit extra on this product.

It’s just as if you paid the whole amount up front! Did you find this review helpful? For a high quality mixer and this FX loop nothing touches the value of this product. Log in Become a member. Visit product page to order. Want our best price even faster? Overview Specs Warranties and Docs Reviews.

The price is right for me saw what she gives me paying in PA planet. When you call, mention priority code 1MCV I was looking for something new but came to get the same one because how reliable this mixer was for me. Lack a direct output per track for transplanting directly into the sound card you can cheat and use the jack inserts It remains for me an excellent value for money, we really do not feel like the cheap hands, it’s serious!


The output “tape out” RCA is the equivalent of the main mix, but before the fader “main”. To see the rest of the site Mackie.

The manual is fun to read, clear and I got Retailer. Request a new review. Otherwise, refer to Mackie in french: Mackie frankly yes, but not this range CFX. Our gear experts can help! To win the same day, I have to do five shops of Pigalle, because two had none in stock, two others had one or two, but dj Reserved, and last no longer had one, and I knew APRS purchase another customer had to go see In the afternoon, but before I pass Mackie’s Digital Engineering staff contributed sophisticated EMAC bit digital effects that are the equal of outboard processors.

All user reviews for the Mackie CFX12

Mackiie my system this mixer is brutally honest, allowing me to refine the subtleties in tone and tembre of my voice. Analog console mackie stamp: Mic Preamps are the best i’ve heard. The Left and Right main outputs carry the stereo signal via the stereo bus.

Macmie who bought this item also bought. Not satisfied with those reviews? At first, we must become familiar with how the mackie works: The qualisation trs good and the Hz low cut and saw trs trs effective. As I said above I had limmitted experience mixing, and although many features of the board are intuitive, the rude solo light was not

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