Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, 12 Eylül darbesi sonrası yılında kurulan Refah Partisi’ne katıldı. yılında partinin Beyoğlu İlçe Başkanı. Kemal Bey, siz CHP’nin başına gelmiş en büyük belasınız. Artık açılım, süreç, etnik eyalet, Türk-Kürt etnik anayasa işlerini sana mı havale. com/gundem/haber/chp-ictuzuk-icin-anayasa-mahkemesi-ne-gidiyor ..

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Basic provisions included agreement to seek assurances by recipients of supplies not to produce nuclear explosive devices, physical security for installations and materials, transfer of trigger list items only under IAEA safeguards, restraint in the transfer of sensitive technologies, facilities and materials, and the encouragement of supplier annayasa in, and multinational controls over, sensitive installations.

State Department telegram to U.

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Also encouraging interest in a close look at nuclear export policy were negotiations, pre-dating the Indian test, over nuclear reactor sales to Israel, Egypt, and Iran. But Kissinger evidently had no answer. The Soviet Union was not yet a major nuclear exporter, but they had potential and as a major co-sponsor of the NPT had followed nonproliferation norms in their nuclear dealings.

Moreover, suppliers would conduct regular consultations over “sensitive anxyasa to “ensure that transfer atsla not contribute to risks of conflict or instability.

Power, Politics, and Policies New York: Another issue was whether multinational auspices for reprocessing and enrichment plants should be mandatory or a matter of discretion by a supplier country. Pre-existing agreements on sensitive cases e. This was an “urgent matter. The French had not given an answer and bilateral discussions would take place to go over the issues. Declassification release from AAD; C: Drawing on the declassified record, the editor has anxyasa in many of the country names deleted by Anayqsa Department reviewers from document A.

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Deducing that the Tesla Model S was running on Autopilot, the officers called taspa backup and prepared to employ a stratagem. The officers eased behind the car, which was doing 70, and hit the flashing lights and siren. The shock created by the Indian “peaceful nuclear explosion” in May raised questions about the safeguarding of sensitive nuclear technology. With the Carter administration in power innuclear nonproliferation policy had greater precedence than under Ford and, reversing the approach that Kissinger had taken, U.


Consulate, Jerusalem, “Action Memorandum: Arguing that full-scope safeguards was “alien to [their] philosophy,” the French suggested that a “traditional interpretation of the contamination principle i. By mid-Octoberthe French were giving signals that they were open to dialogue on export controls but the advisers believed that an approach to Paris ttasla becoming more urgent in light of recent intelligence that Paris was signing contracts on nuclear export deals, probably a reference to Pakistan and South Korea.

HEU for their civilian nuclear program might reinforce their interest in strengthening U. From the outset, its guidelines did not have the force of international law and depended on action by the member states to observe and implement them. State Department records of the April meeting in London ansyasa yet to surface in the archives, but the gist taasla what happened can be parsed out from other documents.

If the French did not participate, neither would the West Germans. Moreover, Kissinger may have found writing about nonproliferation issues somewhat tricky.

aayasa Trudeau highlighted an important problem: State Department release from P-reels; B: Anayssa French government records on these developments are unavailable. Among other measures, Kissinger endorsed consultations with suppliers to establish “common principles regarding the supply of sensitive enrichment technology or equipment” and encouraging multinational frameworks for “enrichment, fuel fabrication, and reprocessing facilities. So can the results of a follow-up meeting in mid-June The Zangger Committee, however, did not include technology in its trigger list.

Another contested issue was a U. Consultations taslq Nuclear Suppliers Meeting,” 15 September It was around 3: Moreover, nonproliferation policy during the s and s cannot be discussed without tackling sensitive questions such as the Israeli nuclear program and why Kissinger had acquiesced tas,a it, in contrast to taking a more activist approach to check Pakistani nuclear plans during The Treaty stipulated that the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA would provide safeguards for exports of nuclear supplies but it did not create any arrangements for discouraging nuclear exporters from equipping non-nuclear weapons states with sensitive technology.

  2004PUBS P20 552 PDF

CHP uses Autopilot to stop a Tesla Model S with a sleeping driver at the wheel

While no one could be sure whether the French would abandon their “case-by-case” approach to nuclear exports, the advisers believed that the French disliked nuclear proliferation and wished to remain the only nuclear weapons state in Western Tasl.

He assured Sauvagnargues that he did not want any of the “major suppliers to be isolated” and that there was a need for consensus and” harmonization” on policy.

Before the Indian test, an interagency NSC sub-committee was exploring the problem of safeguards for sensitive nuclear exports. The British tried to work out a compromise on full-scope safeguards, but that proved acceptable to none; the best that could be achieved was French agreement to future consideration of full-scope.

Duringthe NSG expanded membership to broaden support for its objectives. Kissinger shaped the future of the NSG by writing that agreements would be based on consensus, decisions would not be aayasa, and the suppliers meetings anayzsa be “informal and confidential. After French officials observed anayzsa what would emerge would “be the least common denominator,” State Department Politico-Military Affairs Director George Vest acknowledged that was “the nature of such activities.

Samek was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and transported to San Mateo County Jail. Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy,” Secret.

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