1: I can’t understand at which point down the Chunked LOD pipeline that the mesh gets split into chunks. Is this during the initial mesh. Hello, I’m here to ask for help. I have program for terrain editing, but I went into one problem I can’t solve. Between each chunk is crack, how to. Hi I am trying to implement chunked lod for a while now and I am not successful so far. I read the paper about chunked lod and understood the.

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terrain – Demystifying “chunked level of detail” – Game Development Stack Exchange

There are many implementations for terrain LOD; some of which are really good. I’m not going to look at the code, but I suspect he’s doing something like: I’m not aware of what’s going on in TS, but let’s say it’s ok. Rendering huge landmasses such as planets is a difficult problem. As this is also grid there chunkeed no reason why not to map it to [-1, 1] coordinates and cuhnked it into a sphere in the shader.

A very cheap and easy option is to use the distance to the centre point of the chunk and then correct it. Anyways I gave up chunked lot and started cdlod, what do you think about cdlod? The downsides include a long preprocessing phase, and some size overhead for the disk file. By Alteration Started Saturday at Week Month Year All Time.

Each chunk has own data for heightmap. This topic is days old which is more than the day threshold we allow for new replies.


It also suffered a similar problem as GPU Clipmaps, with cyunked being obvious as the camera was positioned at higher altitude. You can use the search functionality to find what I have written keyword VTF I must admit however that it had quite some sarcasm in it, in cunked, that was an error by my side. OpenGL I write game Snake.

I prefer to calculate the absolute minimum distance from the camera to the chunk to minimize artifacts. I have 4×4 field with class MapChunk. The possibility of traversing the heightmap with raycasting. A final technique which I experimented with is my own idea inspired by GPU Clip Maps, using an Icosahedron with higher tessellation toward a center point which is kept oriented towards the camera.

Brilliant answer, It’s cleared up a lot of things. These textures are then fetched in the vertex shader and used to displace the height of the vertex. Note that you could also correct for the viewing angle loc basic trigonometry.

If I decimate to a 1-meter max error tolerance takes maybe half an hour: One is by creating a vertex buffer per grid and manipulating pod positions on creation.

And I looked the code he published but it was missing how he ensures every child chunk has half of maximum geometric deviation of its parent. I have, it’s very informative up to a point but it doesn’t go into the type of detail, or approaches to implementation.

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Are those assumptions correct? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

And as I mentioned before Chunkd don’t think there are any resources other than this one for chunked lod technique. Just recently trying to make sense of implementing a chunked level of detail system in Unity. Btw do you know how to fix texture flickering?


What we do not know however is the orientation. Riverblue has the best texture.

First one is from cdlod and the other two are from chunked lod. Thanks again for the reply, I didn’t see that slides page so I’ll look it now if it has any different information than the paper. For retrieving the height data I create a ood and use texture fetch in the vertex shader to displace the height. The biggest error is stored in the.

chunked lod – Graphics and GPU Programming –

Documentation I presented this stuff at the “Super-size it! I have no other advice at the moment but to llod a single patch wide ring around each chunk overlapping with adjacent chunksand modify it when modifying neighbors.

All times are GMT I tried google it but I don’t understand it. I thought its called LoD.

Tags for this Thread chunkscrackslod. In my opinion, its usefulness is unproven. Currently I don’t have any purpose I am just trying to learn some populer techniques about game programming and I have never worked on terrains before thats why I started loc learn chunked lod.

If we are viewing a chunk of width w edge-on, the closest bit of the chunk will be at distance Z-w.