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Adjust the bleeding screws so that the cylinder will be bled when the rod is extended in the original direction.

ComNav Autopilot Manual |

Wipe comnab filings off freshly cut and reamed copper tube. The Autopilot has found a fault in the Rudder Feedback wiring. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual of your navigation device. Remove the nut from the end of the rod of the hydraulic cylinder.

If you purchased a system with a Cable Drive, one clmnav several models will be included. Turn the motor so that it is centred between the left and right limits of travel. Usually this spot will be close to the water line level, in the middle of the boat and two-thirds towards the stern from the bow. Keep the breaker turned off until you have connected the wires to the breaker.

Bend up the copper ground tabs so that they are parallel to the body of the Processor. The Outboard Feedback can be attached to the hydraulic steering cylinder by using a stainless steel band clamp.

comnav 1460

Parts for this are in the Accessory Kit. When you have completed the bleeding, leave the equipment for the bleeding procedure attached to your hydraulic steering system. The gland for this output must be mounted on the right side end cap. Use no less than 10 or 12 Comnag conductors.


Piloto automático Comnav 1460

Then repeat this Step. Tighten the nut and lock washer securely. Many different grounding methods can be used: Attach the Rudder Post Arm to the rudder post using a stainless steel band clamp.

Sensitivity decreases by one step. Measure the change in length of the hydraulic steering 14660 rod.

Repeat the Setup Routine, starting conmav Step 1 and continue until the point in Step 9 where all the lights are turning off and on in a rotating pattern.

Some vessels always require large amounts of steering wheel movement to start and stop a turn. You should keep pressing the Green or Red Key until you are well clear of the object — and until the boat will pass it clear when back on Course.

During the first few weeks, this air will gradually bleed out through the header tank, or the highest helm pump, and as a result the oil level may go down.

Remove the four Phillips screws holding the inner end cap. Initially, mount 146 Fluxgate Compass using strong adhesive tape or some other temporary, non-marking fastener.

Tighten the nuts on the watertight glands. Remove the 4 Phillips screws holding the inner end cap. Carefully check all hydraulic steering fittings and equipment for leakage. All the lights will briefly turn on for self-testing purposes, followed by the Pilot light only being on the Speed light may also be on. But comnsv is especially important following the initial installation and bleeding of your system.


Make sure to close the small release clamps on each Plastic Socket.

Comnav — Onnsports

You will see several places where the plastic has been formed so that a hole may be easily drilled. This site is not liable for any mistakes. Make sure all comnv wire ends are completely inside the terminal strips. If you have a helper, have them watch the oil level in the highest reservoir and refill it when necessary.

Cable 1 is 25 feet 7.

To increase the Sensitivity: This part includes 25 feet 7. This part always comes with: When the measurements are successful, the Autopilot will turn off. If the vessel continues to fall away from its course, repeat the above steps. If you purchased a system with a ComNav hydraulic pump, one of two models, at one of two operating voltage ratings, will be included. New and used boatsboats for saleused catamaransyachts, inflatable boatsThe swinging occurs because the Autopilot is overcorrecting for course combav.

Move the steering wheel to the mid-ships position After you press the Speed Key the Autopilot will do one of two things: It is very easy to damage the glands by using too much force.