The continuum concept is an idea, coined by Jean Liedloff in her book The Continuum Concept, that human beings have an innate set of expectations that. The Continuum Concept has ratings and reviews. Shannon said: I had high expectations for this book, as it is an oft-mentioned title in Attachme. Jean Liedloff spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle living teaches psychotherapy based on the principles of The Continuum Concept.

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Feeding to nourish the body and cuddling to nourish the soul are neither proffered nor withheld, but are always available, simply and gracefully, as a matter of course Their emotional life does not require it, so their culture does not provide it. In short, they stem from her imagination.

There are no simple solutions. Here you’ll find plenty of useful information and thought-provoking perspectives.

Jean Liedloff obituary | Life and style | The Guardian

Just the idea of putting oneself in the “shoes” of a baby and imagining what they might go through is continuuk. I mean, look at them, they are little maggots with fidgeting arms, who even cry. Videos About This Book. Definitely work buying, borrowing, or otherwise finding a way to read!

There are many other major differences between wild societies and civilization. View all 3 comments.

The non-intellect-directed mechanisms of self-preservation worked unfailingly, and, being so precise in their calculations, functioned equally well at any distance from jran pit, starting from the very edge.

She claims that the natural state of the Yequana is happiness, a primary example being that they do not have a word for “work” and they enjoy everything they do.

We are the only primates that willing sets our young down for often hours at a time. The only thing I can compare this to is the stone age diet, I’ve studied this and followed this and It does make a huge difference on health and well being.


The little girl had seen the women grating as long as she could remember and immediately rubbed the nubbin up and down her board like the others.

The Liedloff Continuum Network – Home Page

Unattended, or, more often, at the periphery of attention of a group of children playing with the same lack of respect for the pit, he took charge of his own relationships to all the surrounding possibilities. I can hardly believe people are gay because mommy didn’t hold them enough. I know plenty of moms who want to hold their babies but don’t for fear of spoiling them, and it makes me feel sad – for the mom who is denying herself this lovely pleasure and for the baby who just wants to be with his mom.

People will find themselves having less and being more, and the result of this effortlessness will be greater sanity and contentment. My children will be in my bed some day, because I strongly feel that’s where they are supposed to be. Assumptions should not be promoted as facts It is difficult for us to imagine life without competition — as difficult as it is to imagine feeling right just as we are. The constant practice vontinuum archery is always aimed at achieving excellence but never in competition with other boys, nor is hunting a competitive matter among men.

Immediate placement, after birth, in their mothers’ arms: It may be time to admit we fucked up, close down the mines and the factories, and start over. In his progress about the compound, he did this several times continukm day.

I always knew it was a mistake to have babies in hospitals and leave them in basinets alone right after birth but I did not realize how unnatural it really truly was. By the way, contijuum any scientists returned to the jungle to test the author’s continuum concepts?

The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost

My subjective opinion note my qualification! She gives an example that sometimes parents give them messages like “Don’t touch that, you’ll hurt yourself” and the message the children hear is that the parent expects them to hurt themselves at some point, and jaen they do.


Sep 19, Tucker rated it it was ok.

Feeding to nourish the body and cuddling to nourish the soul are neither proffered nor withheld but are always available, simply and gracefully, as a matter contnuum course. Sleeping in the parents’ bed called co-sleepingin constant physical contact, until leaving of their own volition often about two years ; Breastfeeding “on cue”—involving infants’ bodily signals being immediately answered by their mothers’ nursing them; Caregivers’ immediate response to the infants’ urgent body signals flaring temper, crying, sniffling, etc.

5 Reasons Why the Continuum Concept is Misunderstood

There is no court, which goes after you, when your child died while she went swimming on her own. Liedloff died on March 15, in Sausalito, California.

Sep 20, KC rated it really liked it. Sign up for my newsletter and never miss a post! Perhaps if we took all the land horded by the rich, tore out the useless crops grown for export or ethanol, and had everyone plant subsistence crops, 7 billion people may have a chance of surviving the present century.

I was doing my best to excise the beginnings of gangrene from his toe. The insights in this book are invaluable when forging your own parental style, one that frees the mother to pursue her own needs while at the same time giving the baby When keeping in mind that the author continuum neither a parent or an anthropologist, this book gives an incredibly different, and much needed point of view on baby-rearing.