Good afternoon, I have a Crystal Reports XI report that is pulling data from a SQL Server database. My report has about a dozen fields per. I have an existing report which displays cols A to G from an SP, and uses a SubReport to retrieve col H. Cols I & J are then retrieved from the SP. Exporting Crystal Reports to Excel can be tricky. I have written several articles on techniques to make it easier. But it gets even trickier when a.

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Close this window and log in. I think my solution is inevitablly going to come from the sql that generates the data for these reports, by forcing it to return the same number of rows for all three sub-reports instead of null values sureport data may not exist in one.

Essentially, what I want to do is have all sections line up, regardless of the amount of data that may be contained in the individual sections:. In the main report, set the height of the subreport to be the same as the other data in the section where it’s located. The best suggestion it makes is to bring the other fields of the main report into the subreport via shared variables. Tue Mar 23, 4: Fri Mar 27, 1: All times are GMT – 5 Hours.


In the main report, turn off the borders on the subreport. In the main report, set the location of the top of the subreport to be the same as other data on the line.

Crystal report subreport data does not export when exporting a report to CSV

I dont have any export option for subreport, I mean its eeport. Page 1 of 1. If memory serves, there’s a recent tech support document about this on the BO web site.

Right click on the sub report to manage individual sub report links. Thanks for your reply, heringer.

How to set “Export report Options” to subreport?

Are you using the excel export “data only” option? Therefore, there is no data returned in the sub-reports which would be the same through-out all three reports. I finally got it to export on one line by changing the export type to ‘MS Excel ‘ and selecting the option for ‘Constant column width’.

It’s easy to join and it’s free. But i also want to export the sub report like that with good format that means with images etc.

Crystal Reports Exporting to Excel with subreports

All help is ctystal appreciated! Sub Report 1 Sub Report 2 Sub Report 3 Section 1 Section 1 Section 1 a a a b b Section 2 c c a Section 2 d b a Section 2 c b a Section 3 c b a d Section 3 b Section 3 a a Essentially, what I want expoort do is have all sections line up, regardless of the amount of data that may be contained in the individual sections: Register now while it’s still free!

This page was generated in 0. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Jeff Beese 1 4 I need all the info in the Details section to be on one line once it is in Excel just like it would be if I viewed it in Crystal Reports.


Exporting subreports to excel I don’t see your custom options. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Exporting subreports to excel Silly question All your sub reports must be linked to a common field in order to line up correctly. What exactly are you seeing or should I say not seeing? Close this window and log in. If all sub reports are placed to the right of all info reeport reported in your main report, and everything is lined up correctly From there, import your file to excel using the “text to column wizard”.

This rpt is actually being called by a. Posting Guidelines Promoting, crrystal, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. My report has about a reoort fields per record listed on the details line and it also has one sub-report that is pulling one field from a related table.

The three sub-reports generate counts based off of the parameters, one of which is an overall count, the other two are sub-set counts.

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