Hitler’s War has ratings and 34 reviews. Breathing said: You will not find a more detailed account on Hitler’s decisions towards and during the war. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. 2 likes. Book. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. Privacy · Terms. About. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. Book. 2 people like this topic. Do najbardziej znanych książek Irvinga należą: Wojna Hitlera (Hitler’s War, ; wyd. pol. ); The David Irving jest żonaty, ma pięć córek. Mieszka w.

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Irving has been barred from entering several countries because of his stance on the holocaust. The book has the previous owner’s name in pencil on the first page. Western Unity Research Institute.

How subjective is his research? I found nothing I would call Holocaust denial. Shows another side of WW Apr 28, Kelly Korby rated it it was amazing. All in all, if you have the time and the inclination to tackle such a sizable book, go for it. Critics and historians themselves seem divided in opinion about the work of Irving.

Hitler’s War by David Irving

It’s a long read Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Caused some controversy following it’s publication Rollins, “Who Are the Palestinians? His later derailings don’t take anything away from this masterpiece, once heralded by many journalists, but later on silenced by their politically correct intuitions.

Evans finds it highly flawed.

Saturday 29 December Jul 13, Pieter rated it it was amazing Shelves: To me, this point is of little concern. Mar 08, Hunger Artist rated it it was amazing. Read more on http: Another biographer, Ian Kershaw, said it’s impossible to know Hitler the man.


Maybe other scholarship has surpassed it. The Journal of Historical Review: United States The cover hitlega some minor surface wear. David Irving is a British historian, who is accused of trivializing the holocaust. Vavid 09, Mementomori rated it really liked it. Some declare him the authority on WW2, others label him a forger and fraud.

TGS The cover has some minor wear along the front left side edge. The Hitler presented here is undoubtedly a monster – a man committed at all costs to the sovereignty of the German state; the renewal of the German Empire and its former boundaries; a man who represented the logical and ghastly embodiment of Darwinian Materialism; a man who viewed some men as a class below, as soul-less, animalistic and exterminable; a man who demanded absolute loyalty no matter the price paid.

The research, again, unparalleled!

What I found was a book providing insights and sources on Hitler I could find nowhere else. Folio – over 12″ – 15″ tall. His ability to get in touch with important survivors of the Third Reich- many of whom would reject other historians for their one-sided views- and lay hands on unique sources like the Goebbels’ diaries make him one of the- if not the most- fundamenta You will not find a more detailed account on Hitler’s decisions towards and during the war. The points often being argued about, such as whether Hitler knew about the Holocaust or not, whether the final death toll of Jews was 5 or 6 million, all of these points are minor details anyway.

The spine is a bit unhinged. There are those who go with the flow. Trivia About Hitler’s War. David Irving claims Poland should be ‘grateful’ for his Nazi tours.

At over pages, it’s no easy read, but if you’re a fan of historical works, you’ll probably enjoy it. Undoubtedly David Irving’s best book.


Hitler From Oddball Books

The book has some minor wear on upper right side edge. David Irving did a great job here. What based on the wojnq revolutionary pursuit of primary sources that no other WWII author had previously unearthed, one could easily call Irving’s research on Hitler and top National Socialist brass exhaustive.

The last two pages have a two inch long crease.

David Irving brands critics ‘little Nazis’ – Telegraph

The bad is that is very difficult book and in some points you get very confused. Once over three-million strong it was reduced to just a few thousand by the industrialised killing of Hitler’s regime.

Perhaps the reason this book was lambasted was because he didn’t take an overtly negative tone – the book is written from a neutral point, not critical, nor praising. The bitter reaction to Mr Irving’s presence in Poland reflects deep sensitivities over the tragic history of the country’s Jewish community.

Hitler’s War

Jan 28, Danne rated it it was amazing. I admit I am no expert. By Matthew Day in Warsaw.

Irving approaches the people involved and the entire story in an objective, dispassionate manner, relying solely on provable facts to tell the story here and there he glosses over things, but they are all things we have read about in other places.

The book has some surface wear aojna the top and bottom corner edges.