Professioneller Mixer mit 2 Digital-Effektgeräten und 2 x W Endstufen für Applikationen im Entertainment- und Multi-Media- Bereich. Showroom model with. Dynacord MP7 Powered Mixer – Used From HW Audio. Guaranteed Lowest price on Used Equipment. Find great deals for Dynacord Mp7 Powered Mixer -. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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So, if you are looking for a piano or electronic keyboard, look no further than HW Music. Generally spoken, if you have the choice, balanced LF-cables are always the better solution and they should be preferred. Make sure to carefully test all components of the entire system prior to a live-performance. Do not cover the frontal or the rear ventilation louvers, since otherwise, the MP7 would automatically enter protect mode, preventing damage through thermal overload.

Therefore, make sure to turn the control all the way to the left minimum setting before connecting the headphones.

Dynacord Mp7 Powered Mixer –

Extending your system with an add-on subwoofer for more bass pressure is displayed in fig. Altering the circuitry without prior consent or advice is ydnacord legitimate.

For us there is a bit cross-over between singers and DJs. Test the system set to the output level, which you are going to use during the later performance.

Many of our customers are professionals and reliability is paramount. When the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult mp77 electrican for replacement of the obsolete outlet. The same is true for the headphones output.

Take your time to test all presets and select the ones that are best suited for your specific needs. The minimum distance between parts carrying mains voltage and any switches or breakers that are not connected to the mains secondary parts has to be 6 mm and needs to be minded at all times.

Dynacord MP7 A professional mixer offering two digital effect units and a 2 x watts power amplifier to be used in entertainment and multimedia applications.

The minimum distance between parts carrying mains voltage and any accessible metal piece metal enclosurerespectively between the mains poles has to be 3 mm and needs to be minded at all times. Whenever possible, place the bass cabinets on the floor and the Hi-range cabinets directly on top. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding-type plug. This will save yourself, your audience, and your equipment from unnecessary stress resulting from plug-in noise.


The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety.

Depending on the type of headphones connected to the phones jack, the MP7 is capable of producing very high output levels via the phones output. Nevertheless — as mentioned above — when longer cables are involved, using stereo phone plugs and balanced cables are the better alternative.

Finance offers subject to status. This is the basic channel setting, leaving you with at least 8dB of headroom. The volume of the Main-PA is controlled by the master fader, like before. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the Operating Instructions unless you are qualified to do so. Engaging this dynacofd automatically attenuates the signal levels of djnacord channels by about 15dB.

So, battery dyncaord belongs to the past. Whenever possible use balanced cables.

Dynacord MP7 Powermixer für DJ – station music

If the mid-range sounds a bit nasal, try attenuating the mid-band by some decibels. This leaves enough headroom for later EQ-adjustment without clipping. The design of the MP7 is based on decades of experience, research and development as well as a steadfast manufacturer-customer-relationship in the professional audio market.

If you like to provide your sound with more bass, you have to boost the low frequency range, using the 80Hz or the Hz controls. BAL This control lets you determine the proportion between a stereo-channels left and right audio levels.

Note on how to adjust the FX input signal: Balanced cabling is the best method for avoiding problems with interference and humming see chapter: Presuming that during playback you have set the channel faders to their maximum position, pressing the PFL-button of the channel that you are about to adjust the level for, lets you monitor the different levels on the master display.

Unbalanced stereo inputs for connecting LINE level devices like for example: Keeping either one button pressed for a longer period of time allows scrolling the effect program numbers with increased tempo. Any work security regulations that are applicable at the location where the appliance is being serviced have to be strictly obeyed. Set the gain control and the corresponding channel fader to their minimum setting.


As long as the TALK-key is not engaged, channel 1 functions like channels 2 and 3. The warranty does not cover damage that results from improper or inadequate treatment or maintenance.

Dynacord MP7 Powermixer für DJ

Avoid extreme output levels. CP Bass speaker system cabinets e. Another cause for the activation m;7 the protect functions might be, that you have connected more than three 8ohms speaker systems per power output. The last group from 61 – 99 provides different flanger, chorus, and doubling presets as well as special delay and reverb programs. All inputs of the MP7 provide balanced audio connections and high common-mode rejection. The MIA is the trade body of the musical instrument industry, and works together with Government in order to promote musical education in schools.

Besides, if you want to include your Dyhacord in a 19″ rack system, the only thing you have to do is to exchange the side panels for metal rack ears. The presets 1 – 20 offer high quality reverberation effects that are equally suited for being used during live performances, in the recording studio or in your home recording environment. Installation and Connections Always install the MP7 on an even surface to allow for sufficient airflow during operation.

Dynacord Mp7 Powered Mixer – | eBay

This type of connection is greatly ml7 to the induction of external noise or HF interference. Detach the protective foil covering the FX-unit display. Use of a mains separator transformer is mandatory during maintenance while the appliance is opened, needs to be operated and is connected to the mains 3. Press the FX ON-switch.

Now, using the FX-return controls lets you alter the percentage of the effect signal in the main mix.

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