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Only a mystic who can cross over to the ‘light’ and bring back spiritually enlightening messages, like Jesus, Buddha, et al, have, can somehow save us all from world thought domination.

I really disliked the author’s ham-fisted approach to shoving this creed down the reader’s throat – at every turn he is reiterating some point from it – over and over and over and over. Jun 02, Hilary. The core idea of the series is that there are extra-special beings called the Travelers who have the ability to travel to other worlds which are osccuro crap, by the way and bring back tselve wisdom they find there.

The Dark River (Fourth Realm, #2) by John Twelve Hawks

What the hell is the matter with me? And yes, I do interpret his persepective as a hopeful one. Aug 02, Starshine rated it ri it Recommends it for: He communicates using the internet and an untraceable phone and has never met his editor. Jun 29, Carly rated it liked it. I came into this with good will from reading the first installment.

I could jhn deal with that if I liked and was invested in the characters, but a more cardboard set of them cannot be found – unless you’re looking in a writer’s encyclopedia of stock stereotypical characters. It’s a good to fair read. You twelv get to witness them shoe-horning this understanding into their own traditional belief system.

I found it satisfying, but it leaves the characters in a fix you will have to wait for the next book to resolve. Except in the modern age the true power of the Traveler has been realized by the Tabula and they wish to capture Travelers and use them for their own gain.


Apr 07, Ivz Andonova rated it really liked it. An act of pure selfishness on her part, with no justification whatsoever, leaves many people vulnerable and exposed, with the inevitable result of the unnecessary death of a vital character. I’m just going to tell you not to be afriad of this book it’s very easy to read and with a great story!

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That, as well, came off as mere set-up for upcoming exploits. I read his work as cautioning us–much like the Free Runners and Harlequins esp. I was hooked with The Traveler and was not disappointed oacuro the way The Dark River continued the story.

Quotes from The Dark River. In the first book of the series, Michael was captured by the Tabula and has now become one of them, an enemy to Gabriel. This is the second book in a proposed trilogy about a sightly future world that includes timeworn sub-groups of people such as Travelers who know how to travel out of their body to different dimensionsHarlequins people trained in martial arts to defend TwelvfPathfinders who help Travelers bring out their talent and the Brethren bad guys who want to eliminate all Harlequins and control everybody else by a virtual prison Remember, one man’s breezy summary can be another man’s spoiler.

This is the sequal to the Traveler. Also, Maya travels to Italy to learn more about access points pr The novelty of the story has worn off, and rko second part drips with pessimism. It ends on a cliffhanger leaving the reader wondering how the enigmatic John Twelve Hawks which is obviously a pseudonym will complete the epic and growing series with ril one more book to go. Conspiracies everywhere and Hindu worlds of the dead to boot.

I have my own ideas as to precisely where Maya is at the end–both literally and metaphorically. And for all the wait, its too short, more like a ‘chapter’ in the story rather than the next adventure. Not as good as The Time Traveller but I wouldn’t have missed it.

I liked sl first one better. Certainly no one would accuse Twelve Hawks of subtlety, and given the awkward moments of exposition in The Dark Rivermaybe he was right to rely on a recap. Look, I’m not above reading fluff, obviously, but I do draw the ojhn in some places, which is why I’ve never read The Da Vinci Code or Twilight, so I felt kind of betrayed when my fluff turned into “that other” fluff out of the blue.


Le 04, John Hardin rated it really liked it. It will take the eagerly-awaited publication of oscugo third book to see if I might be right.

My first encounter with Twelve Hawks was through Sparkwhich I found pretty darned awesome, enough so that I decided to try another of his works. So, book 2 of the Fourth Realm Trilogy was pretty interesting. The novelty of the story has worn off, and this second part drips with pessimism. Ugh, an interesting premise falls flat on it’s face. Yes, that’s how good “The Traveler” was.

The numerous deaths, Michael’s ascension into power within the Bretheren and the First Realm underworldwhere no one remembers their past lives all add to the negativity, but I did enjoy Gabriel’s experiences with the Free Runners in London, parkour guys who live off the grid. And somehow, miraculously, Maya is able to be patient enough to allow them sufficient time to accomplish this.

They are protected by people who call themselves Harlequins, and opposed by the evil Tabula, who together rule the world via the Vast Machine aka all technology which gives them the ability to ocuro a Panopticon Prison.

Finally finished the second installment of the trilogy by Twelve Hawks. A Traveler who was believed to be dead for nearly twenty years, Gabriel hears, may still be alive and trapped somewhere across the globe. In this, it’s sort of like the middle twleve in the original Star Wars trilogy. That segment takes more center stage here. I don’t even own a wok.