I need to run several netlists in ELDO since the first netlist has Typical corner .inc netlist_tt) i need to change it for the second run for .inc. The spice simulator we will use to simulate Design Architect (DA) designs is called ELDO. ELDO is invoked by typing eldo, where filename is the file. pole approximation (DPA) to enhance simulation speed. An alternative built-in SPICE solver. Device model libraries fully compatible with Eldo and HSPICE.

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But in this case another problem rises – trunc function. Yes, I already tried it. Sspice wrote on May 9 th, 4: Eleo Yield and Reliability With Eldo Premier superior performance and 10x the capacity of traditional SPICE simulators, designers are able to perform many complex verification tasks corner simulations, temperature sweeps, verify power supply and process corners, etc.

What does “intermediate step” mean? I tried as you suggested – suppresed Monte-Carlo statements. Geoffrey, First, thank you for response. Reply 11 – May 14 th, 3: EZwave is extremely efficient for the manipulation of huge databases and can load gigabytes of data in seconds.

Reply 2 – May 7 th, 7: For the moment I’ve problem with model syntax. Please Login or Register. The acceleration of single-thread simulation is provided by new algebraic techniques for the resolution of the system of non-linear differential equations that analog simulators must solve. Andrew, First, thank you for rapid answer.


Pavel wrote on May 8 th, 5: Electronic System level Design. To run ELDO, type esim. The acceleration spics multi-threaded simulations is a consequence of the natively parallel code of the new Eldo Premier simulation kernel and its dedicated data structures. PV charger battery circuit 4. Input port and input output port declaration in top module 2.

Spice Eldo Aternating netlist and include files

I didn’t really understand what is the contents of this file. Critically important simulations that historically took a very long time to run, many times days or even weeks, can now be performed significantly faster from eldi.

Our colleges are not as safe as they seem. Choosing IC with EN signal 2. Where is spife problem? Turn on power triac – proposed circuit analysis 0. The pwl defines a piecewise linear function, and the pulse defines a pulsed function.

Eldo Premier | InnoFour BV

Then I tried Spectre parser. Please follow the Forum guidelines. Just make sure that the file does not have a “.

Performance Eldo Premier offers a 2. Results – parser passes without errors – fldo isn’t present in netlist – in Spectre log window I see following information: Campus SurvivorsCampus Survivors Forum.

Either can be used for a simulation. Indeed, I would try to figure out how to get the “nominal” simulation to run and then worry about mismatch later, as imd1 suggests.


Pavel, For the most part, they should work as is. When using Spectre parser I, of course, suppress the point.

Analog/Mixed-Signal Verification

Sexual assault is pervasive and the treatment of the victim by the adminstration is often as damaging as the assault: Using sophisticated resolution techniques, Eldo Premier goes beyond the status quo to accelerate the transient simulation of large circuits both pre and post-layout without sacrificing accuracy. CMOS Technology file 1. AvendesoraInform and QuantiPhy. Some of our other sites that you might find useful: But it was not sufficient.

The Page Composition menu option can be used to plot all of the signals on a single graph. Other commented lines can be deleted if it makes the file clearer. Add spide line somewhere near the top of the file: How to map names in prelayout spice netlist and post layout netlist 0. It’s curious that they are being loaded at all, since you do not need those models in your circuit Heat sinks, Part 2: Comment or delete the design line, the.