Truly great things are better seen from a distance. This is exactly what happened to the creative heritage of a Russian philosopher and writer Helena I. Roerich. The years of living in India were the time of the most important and fruitful work by Elena Roerich. This is where she completed the main part of her volume. Without her devotion to this task the present publication would not have been possible. Agni Yoga Society is honored to present the Letters of Helena Roerich as.

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From continuous repetitions of condemnations, calluses will appear on the brain, and then how can one achieve the broadening of consciousness? It seems like this is a translation of an article in another language Please help improve this article if you can.

Helena Ivanovna Roerich (1879 – 1955)

We would not, for example, oppose a tiger with reorich arrow designed for a sparrow. As an aid to understanding the symbols and meanings that lay behind his work, Nicholas wrote Flowers of Morya, a collection of poems that evoked some of the images in his paintings.

According to Living Ethics, Universe is the immense spiritual-energy system in which a man plays the most important role. But Russia denied their visas. But what will be put into our real treasury if we do not transmute our inner motives and feelings into the highest strivings? For every creative activity, for every manifestation, reciprocity and harmony are necessary.


The Teaching points out vices, namely, ambition, self-conceit and selfishness, suspiciousness and light-mindedness, which should not be allowed to grow up among the co-workers if they wish to build the foundation of a new step. A slave to suspicion will suspect everybody. First of all, bossiness is vulgar; that is why it is so easy to fall into this roericb. But each severing of the thread, occultly speaking, is most painful and brings its consequences.


Helena Roerich

A special place in Roerich’s creativity belongs to her epistolary heritage. Whole generations are inspired by these heroes and heroines.

The Teacher does not use force. Verily, selfishness is narrowness, but narrowness leads to stagnation and death, while the Cosmos exists by the principle of Infinity.

Lao Tze, Confucius, Christ—all Teachers of spirit and great thinkers taught the same thing. By transmutation we mean the subordination of the lower to the higher, and we want to confirm the consciousness of mankind in the process of infinite progress. They also were known as philosophers, speakers, teachers, scientists, patrons of the arts, roeridh figures, and cultural workers.

Roericu do not mistake sentimentality, that weeping kindness, for the severe, wise manifestation of the heart. The human instrument which is used for the simple visual impress could not possibly be compared with the manifestation which reflects every breath of Cosmos. In archaeological respects our valley, of course, is one of the richest and most ancient. That caused the death of 5 people and 90 animals.

Letters of Helena Roerich I

I beg you from my heart, do discard all self-conceit, every thought of exclusiveness in your offerings, every thought of doubt and suspicion, as the time is too ominous and heavy with responsibility. She learned painting, knew Russian and European literature well, studied the history of religion and philosophy, and took great interest in the works of the Indian philosophers RamakrishnaVivekanandaand Tagore. Give them tests and do not hurry to promote them to the first ranks.


Let the pupil who is counting his offerings turn toward the Giving Hand—great will be his deficiency! He can know every thought and feeling, even the most transient, and elnea He can guide his disciple. Only when the task assumes the tensive form may the predestined take place. In Kullu, Roerich continued her work on Living Ethics, the main work of her life.

It is similar with human actions. As for botany, zoology, and ornithology—you have already learned from the letters of our botanist-zoologist how pleased he was with the results of his work.

Each one, becoming aflame, will discover his own potentiality, will develop it in his own way, and thus will enrich the communal treasury. Saint PetersburgRussian Empire. They thought that beauty and knowledge created a sincere language that could unite all nations.

If the center of ego exists separately, it will be destined to solitude. So much can be seen in these treasures of art.