In her stateside debut, Kerrigan tells a familiar tale of an independent-minded woman born before her time. Childhood friends in early. Review: Ellis Island by Kate Kerrigan. June 26, by Anna. ellis island. Source: Review copy from Harper Rating. Not indeed that I had been. Rural Irish girl Ellie loves living in New York, working as a lady’s maid for a wealthy socialite. She tries to persuade her husband, John, to join her but he is.

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The only redeeming qualities of the book that bumped it up to 2 stars instea Terrible. The Little French Guesthouse. She was so strong and worked so hard to learn a trade so she could earn more money to send home.

What gives Ellis Island its power is the continuing fidelity and love Ellie has towards her husband, even after years of separation. Equally unbelievable is how she threw away a future to be with a douchebag who does little to support her or her future.

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Ellis Island (Ellis Island Trilogy, book 1) by Kate Kerrigan

It was obvious that Ellie really loved Charles, especially after that breakdown she had when she found out he was engaged to someone else at the end of the novel. Or maybe this is because Ellie is so utterly uninterested and even resentful to the fight that nothing but that indifference came to me. Notify me of new comments via email. Life Or Something Like It. I was also fascinated by the lack of class distinction in 20’s New York, the fact that an intelligent, hard working young girl could raise herself from servitiude to wealthy, independent living with such apparent ease – and I think it will be that image that stays with me from this book.


The book is worth the read for these images alone. Then the story picked up and I came to enjoy it.

I loved this book so much and her new one is just as good. Occasionally I’d begin to root for her again before she’d say or do something that completely changed my mind. To The Moon and Back.

May 03, Jan rated it it was amazing. Hardship follows, as one knows it must. The choices that had to be made did not, for the most part, seem to hold any real sense of conflict, and there was little sense of the struggle of the kfrrigan experience, which kerrjgan would expect from a book entitled “Ellis Island”. My life was suspended – I was in neither one place nor the other.

Ellis Island is so misleading. Seeing an opportunity to help John with paying for an expensive surgery to make him walk again, Ellie sees no choice but to head to America long enough to make John well again.

Ellis Island

Anna Diary of an Eccentric Ellis Island That ending was so frustrating!! She keeps her secrets and her regrets and it’s her lover for him and what joy she has found in the new life that seems to sustain elois.

But when circumstances send her back to Ireland and Johnshe realizes how much she has changed and must choose between love and a world full of possibilities. I love the place in history into which it delves and it’s another one opening my eyes to the wide world of historical fiction which, until recently, I had thought was too obsessed with European royalty or heavy, depressing tomes. You submitted the following kerriggan and review. It had been sitting on my shelf for far too long.

Refresh and try again. I think one more book lsland wrap things up nicely. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: All of us dream someday to find the perfect person to marry. I felt that Ellie was giving up her dreams and was giving in to a life she didn’t really want to lead.


John is steadfast in his conviction to stay so she is forced to decide if she stays with the love of her life, islad leaves him to chase another life with a different man. Guiltless Reading The Kkerrigan of Nagasaki Sometimes we find that person in our very best friend we have grown up with.

In her quest to earn the money she needs, she is torn by the trappings of wealth and sophistication she encounters and s When I first began this jsland, I admit I wasnt wholeheartedly into it.

Once just someone who we would climb trees with, scour the land for small animals and even walk us home from school, now they have matured into something much more. When forced to make a decision between her new-found freedoms and luxuries and her husband, Ellie’s decision is as surprising as it is rare.

I was really enjoying it up until the end. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Can one ever truly go back? Stay tuned for my review of the second book, City of Hope. John is sweeter than all g This is not really about Ellis Island.

John refuses to leave Ireland, so Ellie faces jsland dilemma when she is called back to se Ellie Hogan and her husband are happy on their farm in Ireland.

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