It sure would be nice if Freewing would consider offering an F in 80, or 90mm size. Years ago, I had an LX models 70mm version. Buy low price, high quality rc f with worldwide shipping on F Nighthawk 70mm. RC Stealth Jet Plane. orangebutton buy now copy redbutton product spares. Description; More Images; Specifications; Video.

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Turnigy motor must be modified!!!! The generally accepted definitions are: Note that this packaging option is recommended for advanced individuals with knowledge in customizing their onboard electronic components or for those not intending to fly this model.

LX-Model F Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 64mm EDF Electric RC Jet Airplane RTF – General Hobby

This packaging option does not include the radio system, battery or charger, unless noted otherwise. KIT indicates that all the foam pieces along with the crucial components of aesthetic appearance are included in the package.

Airplane most components preinstalled, some assembly required User manual. Me and a friend have installed the GT Power light system from Motion on a few of our planes. LX, Good luck with BH getting and keeping stock and don’t take the part pictures at face value, don’t receive as pictured and get excuses like out of stock when called on it. After all, Banana Hobby said “Perfect for beginners! I refuse to do anymore business with Banana We have been getting several questions about power systems and batteries.


It is fairly easy to build and has rock solid flight characteristics. So how hard would it be to fly a simple model?

BlitzRCWorks F-117 Stealth Fighter RC EDF Jet

Airplane most components preinstalled, some assembly required User manual Requires: So, I ordered the Freewing 12 bladed fan units and installed them. Login or Sign Up. The plane features a Delta shaped wing with a KFm2 Airfoil and angled vertical stabilizers.

Note that this packaging option is recommended for those who already own a radio system, battery and balance charger. The small size and wing shape can make it apt to having torque roll at launch. Since there are no set parameters for packaging options in this hobby, different manufacturers may vary their definitions of what is included.

After every 5 flights and before and after storing airplane, please check all control surface horns and tighten the screws on surface horns if needed. Post F11 New Topic Search.


The plane features a simple flat wing, box fuselage and slanted vertical stabilizers. Add options to your order to complete the package BlitzRCWorks Mad Thrust 50mm ESC: I just remember she was easy to handle, floaty and not too fast which was perfect for me at the time when I was still learning jets.


F Nighthawk 70mm Length: The plane features a unique diamond shaped wing with a KFm2 Airfoil and 45 degree angled vertical stabilizers. Would love to see a better version that doesn’t require a rebuild though. This plane is a scaled up version of the FF-Novajet.

What black aircraft would be?

F Nighthawk 70mm – Surrey Models

Now there is no good story that does not have a moral, and the moral of the story: It was around orwhenever it first came on the scene. Originally posted by scooter genie View Post. I have the LX, but have yet to maiden it.

I Know freewing could make an excellent F! The main difference is what is included in the package. Check all control surfaces for solid contact between control surfaces, main wings and tail sections.