For Dan’s Transmission Service 10 Jefferson Place Fort Walton Beach FL .. See the AUTO TRANS DIAGNOSIS – F4A33, W4A32 & W4A Getting ready for my winter project of rebuilding an F4A First I need one. Found a few JDM units with part #: F4A33K1UPQ Are there any. Transmission Model Number F4A Applications, Specifications, Dimensions, Ratios.

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There are illustrations in the PDF on the Downloads page.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Less slip means longer tranmsission. Coast to Coast Locations Certified Transmission has partnered with leading automotive repair specialists located throughout the continental United States that sell and install our top-quality remanufactured transmissions.

Now you know what the code means the next question is usually what transmission do i have or what transmission do i need to look for?

Nov 11, 4. This is also an indicator along with having steel check balls as shift kits come with torlon check balls. The gears should also be shot peened, Kiggly has TRE do this.

F4A Transmission For Sale | OEM Remanufactured

If you are making serious power then this is a good idea. It is commonly referred to as a forward drum as all of the forward gears utilize this. This prevents deflection in the diff. The Billet straight cut transfer gears are a product of JB Designs. JB Designs makes these pans for both 1G and 2G and they come with new filter and gasket. The stock shafts are pretty tough but once you start getting under mid 8 second passes you should seriously consider this as an upgrade as the stock one the splines start twisting.


F4A33 Transmission Differences?

If your looking for a cheaper option like on RockAuto then you need to get a filter that has two inlets like whats circled in the images. The 5 friction doesnt hold as much as the 6 friction just as the 6 friction doesnt tranmission as much as the Billet. The inboard side of the gear diff housing side is where I’ve seen cracking start in every single failure. Nov 11, 6. Most anyone that does drivetrain rebuilding specific to these cars know how to do it right.

And i’m not sure if the kiggly kit mentions axle differences, or if it accounts for this when using the kit in a 1G car At The Right Price”.

This site uses cookies. If anything happens to the diff gear then its going to also take out your transfer gears and the transmission. This is the band apply port. Per Translab the shift kit Corrects or prevents shift flair, coasting downshift clunks, long soft slide shifts, part throttle shift bang, slide shift, and 3rd gear takeoffs.

These prolong your transmission by increasing pressures and using different springs and balls in the valve body to firm the shifts up. A trans with a 5-friction front clutch and translab shift kit transmmission the pressures cranked will live down into the high 8’s or so. If you’re in the low 1. These are also teansmission you should do to help prolong performance and reliability in the transmission. I’m going to disassemble the trans this weekend and compare to the FSM. These are gears that transfer the power in the transmission.

Some have run the stock ones down into the 7s in AWD cars but this product is more geared towards FWD cars running big slicks. Worried about weird gear ratios, etc. The 1G and 2G pumps are discontinued. Page Tools Old revisions Backlinks Back to top. Kiggly has run over psi without problems, although he doesn’t recommend much over psi for any mixed street plus racing usage. This is to determine which gear set the transmission has so you can identify the trans as well as which transfer case you need to have.


This is a m input shaft. This shift kit works on both the W4A33 and the F4A33 transmissions. In total Certified Transmission employs over employees whom are dedicated to our company”s motto of “The Job Done Right This is another product of JB Designs.

The nationwide coverage offered by Certified Transmission at our 5 Omaha shop locations is among the best in the transmission repair industry. However its relatively inexpensive and is good insurance. Transmission gear ratios are not all the same for the automatics.

The best option for high power drag racing is going to be to have the center diff welded. Oct 22, 1. Stock these gears are prone to cracking if pushed to hard. These are for transmissions that came with lockup only as the shaft is different.

One other thing he does is put a plug in the separator plate and drill out a. The codes stamped on the top of the transmission bell housing do actually mean something. You can also replace it all with a Quaife.

Once its all welded up people transsmission bury it in a bucket full of cat litter so it slowly cools down over time instead of rapidly.