Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells is an optional supplemental source book for the edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. In this month’s exclusive interview, Robert Schwalb and Robin Laws, designers of the new Fiendish Codex II sourcebook venture into the nine. Fiendish Codex – Play Role Online. READ. Show more documents . show all. Fiendish Codex II – Tyrants of the Nine Hells – Dropbox ยท

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Product Spotlight: Fiendish Codex II

This chapter describes the economy and society of the devils in hell, their relationship with demons, their origins, and their soul harvesting of mortals. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: To be honest, I too think Asmodeus should be a CR “silly-huge” bad guy with all the bells and whistles, but, seriously, who’d use him?

Fortress of the Yuan-Ti. It’s a perfect place to set a sweeping campaign, thrusting the player characters into the heart of the Blood War, fighting their way through a sea of demons only to find themselves ensnared by the treacherous politicking of the baatezu.

You might think you’re doing a great service to the planes by butchering some bad guys, but someone down there–probably an archdevil–is benefiting from your invasion. What can you tell us about the hellbred? The slightly longer answer is maybe.

Chris Perkins pinged me to work on Fiendish Codex Ibut tragically I was swamped with a project for another company, and so I had to take a pass. And there are the Lords of the Nine Layers: Most of these are investiture spells.


Fiendish Codex II

We offer plenty, but creative DMs can build additional ones using those included as a guide. They develop a number of techniques useful for combating the forces of hell.

Through misinformation and propaganda, anything other than the baatezu has been relegated to something lesser.

This Month’s Dragon Magazine. My playtest tiendish remained solidly earthbound. My plan for detailing the Nine Hells was to evolve the existing conception of the setting, not to discard it. The harvester devil fills a necessary hole in diabolical imagery–the classic slick-talking fiend who wants to sign you to a Faustian pact. Then there’s Tiamat, former ruler of Hell’s first layer; has she regained her throne?

When it comes to the devils themselves, does the book offer conversions of previous monsters such as the nupperibo?

The Hells are a terrible place to spend eternity. You find out why devils gather souls, what they do with them, and how the corruption of souls fuels their entire evil society.

By presenting the archdevils as aspects, we preserved them as great campaign ending bad-guys, but without emasculating them. Schwalband was published in December There’s a lot of stuff in the canon that would have been great to fit in, but much of it was contradictory, and some simply couldn’t fit inside. Soulguards are almost always paladins or clericsbut they can also be druids or favored souls. And are these geared for PCs fighting devils, or for the more fiendish-minded PC?

Robin came up with the harvester devil, a fiend that specializes in making diabolical pacts. Robin can say more, but the Nine Hells dispenses with a lot of the clutter, while retaining the flavor.


And I always appreciate opportunities to explore the nasty and gooey side of fantasy imagery. Their bodies are corrupted twisted by evil, yet the gods cleanse their souls, freeing them of the taint and corruption that plagued them in life. Devils have been among the codeex for me since I got my hands on the 1st edition Monster Manual. Maladomini would be my vacation spot–chicks with horns and tails, remember?

Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells – Wikipedia

We slipped in a few divine feats for those clerics and paladins who specialize in fighting devils, and a metamagic feat called Disrupting Spell that reduces the save DC of spells, spell-like abilities, or supernatural abilities–perfect for defusing devilish abilities.

In the recent FCII preview, there’s the quote: A journey to Hell is great, but there’s so much you can do with devilkind on the PCs’ home turf. Dark Sun Dark Sun: And the poor old Hag Countess doesn’t get a comfortable retirement, either. The situation is in flux, giving PCs the chance to jump in and get involved in an unstable political situation.

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