Dentist Joseph Strauss leaves Prussia in the spring of and follows Captain of Dragoons Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig von. Filip Florian. general Author: Filip Florian. Genre: Novel Romanian title: Zilele regelui; Translated by Alistair Ian Blyth. – Return to top of the. Filip Florian was born in Bucharest, on May 16, From through His third novel, Zilele regelui / Days of the King (Ia┼či: Polirom. ), was awarded.

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Far from the royal palace, Herr Strauss, highly affected by the death of the little Princess Maria at not even the age of fouris amazed to discover that Petre, the son of the blind prostitute, bears a striking resemblance to the man on the throne.

Filip Florian – Wikipedia

They felt good, warm, they found no reason to rush. Refresh and try again. Pe de alta parte, “Zilele regelui” zipele si romanul unui fals personaj principal, titlul fiind deliberat inselator, el explicandu-se abia in ultima fraza superba!

Soon, even if no one glimpsed them anywhere, neither in the rays of the sun nor in the shade, they remembered the insufferable face of the overseer, their sole enemy. He felt a dreadful pain in his chest, it was suffocating him, but he managed to imbibe enough of the burning air of the afternoon, when Elena did not try to discover the fiip for the tea, but embraced him, tightly, more tightly than when he had wept between her dugs.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And so, thanks to his lather brush, razor and scissors, to his prattle during the moments when the cheeks of the warden were filling up with foam, and the bristles were vanishing between the thin, narrow blade, the two regekui able to climb to the top of the tallest structure in the city.

He examined them for a long time and gave a start, because he recognised the mountains. In all their walks through blazing Bucharest, a city ruled by torrid heat and swarms of flies, they never ceased telling regflui other the stories of their lives. He sees a family painting a house, and the book goes on to describe them in great detail — down to the moles on the girl’s back exposed when her shirt lifts when she raises her arm to paint — and then they’re gone Someone recommended this book to me, and I fi,ip to love it, but it just didn’t happen for me.

Sep 15, Clare rated it fikip was ok. Rwgelui felt like a NaNoWriMo effort to flesh out word count. Trzymam kciuki za Angelusa! Apr 14, Danielle rated it did not like it. Thence he pulled out a gilded watch, with a chain, on the back of whose lid two names were engraved, Gertrude and Irma.

Someone recommended this book to me, and I wanted to love it, but it just didn’t happen for me.

The global economic crisis impacts life as we know it, and viewed from Bucharest the effects reverberate in domains that include geo-politics and publishing in Romania and abroad, with the crisis at The Observer Translation Project as an instance of a universal phenomenon.


Herr Strauss takes to drink, and tries and fails to commit suicide. O carte dulce, dulceaga cu ceva coltisoare pe ici pe colo. From the description of the finance issues surrounding the building of the Romanian railro Reading like a long fairy tale, Florian’s novel is translated from Romanian and, even with the helpful notes in the back, will have your reaching for your atlas and, if you have flprian, a book of maps of modern European wars as a history minor with geeky friends, I do have one!

The young woman, who usually had a little boy and a little girl to look after coddling and scolding them alike in Serbianslipped her hands under her reegelui, seeking to free herself of her suspender belts, of her white linen undergarments, of her slip, of her silk stockings, of all that was underneath.

Absorbed by the deceptive tea, which he himself, a young lad fascinated by the glass vials and miracles of the laboratory, had on a number of fillip prepared for them, his mother reeglui sister had slowly grown distant from their fellow men, they had set out along the road of stars and beatitude, one evening of blustering wind they had forgotten about the kettle on the hob, leaving it to buckle and burst into flame, then perhaps applauding regflui flames, perhaps blowing on them, allowing them to overwhelm the curtains, carpets, furniture, thick-beamed walls, and perhaps even their bodies.

Desi pleaca din postura unuia aflat in umbra si totala dependenta a ilustrului sau pacient, dr. The Days of the King – UK. Aug 18, Sarah Sammis rated it it was ok Shelves: Herr Strauss, the dentist, even if he did not then regard himself as German or a doctor, clasped her hands and prevented her. Published August 16th by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt first published Prior to his own marriage to Elisabeth Pauline de Wied regdlui, the Prince brutally curtails his relationship with the Berlin dentist, seeking to erase all stains from his past.

His tears moistened her breasts, they mingled with droplets of perspiration and trickled towards her belly, they ran around her tummy button and flowed ever lower, and Elena clasped his neck in her arms and squeezed him tightly, as tightly as florizn could, zilelle they lost count of the moments and one of her nipples, who knows which, came into his lips. Most of the time the stories are good but the writing is always so fairy tale like. The book is tilip on the first two but doesn’t quite succeed on the third count though not reading the Romanian original, but only the English translation, I am not sure if it’s the translation, the author’s original choices or simply that his convoluted Romanian prose does not translate well in the regelhi century English and the result comes as saying simple things in ten phrases rather than one which jars badly on occasion.

Pe fondul unor evenimente istorice reale venirea printul Pentru mine, Filip Florian e un scriitor paradoxal si ciudat, din punctul de vedere al perceptiei, dar cu siguranta interesant.

Despite this minor obstacle, it is crisp and concise, thus easy to read. I couldn’t even get past the first couple chapters of this book.

But unbeknownst to him, she filipp given birth to a baby boy with a suspiciously aristocratic nose. Firul narativ se pierde intre un realism nevonvingator si un fantasy inserat nenatural si povestea pare sa nu duca nicaieri. I wound up giving up. War is imminent in central Europe, but the company of a special tomcat, a guardian angel of sorts, helps him to overcome all dangers.


And it was caressed at leisure, lightly, with the tips of the fingers, with fingers entire, with the forehead, with the nose, with the chin. Their meetings took place in secret, at none too customary hours, and so they had zileke find deserted, hidden-away areas of the city, so that they would not bump into any acquaintances of the baron or his servants.

Spun asta pentru ca “Zilele regelui” e a doua carte de el pe care am incercat s-o citesc, insa, spre deosebire de “Toate bufnitele” una dintre cele trei carti pe care le-am abandonat in cariera-mi de cititor incercatcartea prezenta e o mica bijuterie romanesca, asa cum remarca si Radu Cosasu pe coperta patru.

Filip Florian

Angelus Nominee for Shortlist Sometimes, suspended in the fluid of time, while the tweezers, chisels, needles, spatulas, pipettes and forceps coyly kept watch, their mouths would seem inseparable, and their tongues writhed together, coiling and ravenous. He simultaneously tells a fantastic, poetic story full of characters who are both out of the ordinary and completely unforgettable.

These years cover a time when Romania made the transition from a loose assemblage of separate regions nominally part of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires to being relatively consolidated into an independent state; Prince Carl — born in Germany as Prince Karl Eitel Friedrich Zephyrinus Ludwig of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen — was the outsider brought in to run things.

There are so many details and similes that I couldn’t figure out what the important details were. I sometimes found the writing style challenging to follow and there were many time when the timeline was a little murky.

Pentru mine, Filip Florian e un scriitor paradoxal si ciudat, din punctul de vedere al perceptiei, dar cu siguranta interesant. Typical are scenes such as Joseph Strauss walking through town, wanting: From high above, Bucharest revealed itself in a way they could never have seen or guessed.

Oct 05, Leah Lucci added it Shelves: What I found unexpectedly enjoyable were the passages “written” by Joseph’s cat. The book is superb on the first two but doesn’t quite succeed on the third count though not read This is a book that has three main aspects – the historical situation of the Romanian Principalities from their union into Carol’s accession in to his becoming King of Romania inthe atmosphere of Bucharest and to a lesser extent the rest of the country at the times and the actual storyline of Joseph Strauss’ life as he follows the prince from Germany to Romania to treat his teeth.

Phrases that go on forever several of them almost one-page longway too many adjectives and tormented sentence structure.

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